This Is Where Fit Girls Go to Work Out in Houston

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Going to the gym can be tough. But when said gym is conveniently located and offers special amenities as well as a sense of community, regularly working out becomes less of a chore and more of a privilege. Since the quality of the facility directly correlates to our exercise habits, we thought we'd help out our friends down south by compiling a list of the best gyms in Houston.

Thanks to a couple of local experts, we were able to find the most exceptional gyms in Houston—from neighborhood-friendly studios to exclusive fitness clubs and the best mega-chain gyms. And as for location, these blogger-favorite facilities are spread all throughout the city: uptown, downtown, and everywhere in between. So basically, you have no excuse to not to get your sweat on.

Orange Theory

orange theory-best gyms in Houston
My Mercer Island

Interval-training gym Orange Theory consists of hard-core group personal training classes that claim to burn calories up to 36 hours afterward. And while that may sound intense, Elly Brown from Uptown With Elly Brown insists that the enjoyable environment makes the workouts a little less difficult. "The staff at the Orange Theory Vantage location is not only incredibly sweet, but you get a fantastic workout EVERY single time," she adds.


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"Equinox is one of the newer Houston gyms but quickly one of the most popular," says Tiffany Jais from Flaunt and Center. While Equinox is a chain, Jais says the Houston facility has a boutique feel to it while still offering the perks of a large gym: various group classes, clean equipment, and a kids' club for when you want to work up a sweat but don't have a babysitter.

Lifetime Fitness

lifetime fitness gym
Lifetime Fitness

"I love Lifetime Fitness in Champions because it's family-friendly and close to home," says Brown. With three locations in Houston's city limits, Lifetime Fitness is likely no more than 20 minutes from anywhere in town. And while each gym is slightly different, every single location has plenty of amenities, including group classes, training programs, tennis courts, swimming pools, a café, spa, and kid-friendly activities Brown says her kids thoroughly enjoy.

The League

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Class Pass

"I love The League not only because I know the owners but also because Terry makes the environment so fun, you ALMOST (keyword is almost) forget you're getting a workout," says Brown. Not your typical gym, The League offers training classes and nutrition programs for a one-of-a-kind workout experience suitable for all skill levels.

The Downtown Club at the Met

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Club Corp

"The Downtown Club at the MET is my personal favorite gym because they offer a little bit of everything. I like to take the circuit class for strengthening and Pilates class to help me stay toned," says Jais. With just two locations, the Downtown Club is more exclusive than other gyms, which means it is often less crowded, and you get perks such as fresh lemon or cucumber water on tap. And while the Downtown Club might feel like a boutique gym, Jais says its amenities are that of a larger facility, with the MET location offering an indoor tennis program, various classes, and a full bar and restaurant, which we all know comes in handy following a workout.

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