This Is Where Fit Girls Go to Work Out in Houston

Photo: Equinox

Going to the gym can be tough. But when said gym is conveniently located and offers special amenities as well as a sense of community, regularly working out becomes less of a chore and more of a privilege. Since the quality of the facility directly correlates to our exercise habits, we thought we'd help out our friends down south by compiling a list of the best gyms in Houston.

Thanks to a couple local experts, we were able to find the most exceptional gyms in Houston—from neighborhood-friendly studios to exclusive fitness clubs and the best mega-chain gyms. And as for location, these blogger-favorite facilities are spread all throughout the city: uptown, downtown, and everywhere in between. So basically, you have no excuse to not to get your sweat on. For the Houston-based gyms that bloggers regularly visit to get fit, keep on reading.