The Best Gym Classes to Help Ease Yourself Back Into Autumn Exercise

The days are getting shorter, the mornings are darker and as much as I don't want to admit it, the temperature’s really starting to cool down too. Yep, the realisation that summer might be over is really starting to kick in. As is the realisation that I’ve been completely ignoring my exercise routine since spring.

So, in an attempt to not only work off the 784 Aperol spritzes I consumed over summer but to also give myself a healthy boost of energy and dose of much-needed feel-good endorphins, I’ve decided that autumn workouts are the way forward. That way, by the time enthusiastic January-goers start hitting the gyms, I’ll already be a gym local, tutting and eye-rolling along with all the other pros.

If, like me, you've been neglecting your workouts over summer and are in need of some fitspo, here it is. I've rounded up a selection of the best gym classes to ease yourself back into fitness this autumn, along with everything you'll need to feel like a pro in no time…



Yoga is the perfect way to ease yourself back into exercise if, like me, you've been MIA over summer.

Most gyms offer yoga classes and there are also tonnes of private studios so it's a good idea to try out a few, to see which class you really like.  

Another Space yoga combines breath work with powerful movements, working both your strength and flexibility in equal measure. Plus, there's a delicious made-to-order smoothie bar so you can have your protein shake ready for when you leave.

Another Space Yoga, £20  @Another_SpaceLondon

If you're put off yoga by the whole 'yogi-ness' of it, then FLYLDN have the class for you. Designed as the first 'non-Yogi Yoga studio' FLY welcomes any level, shape, size or gender to their two yoga and low-impact studios. Each crafted flow is also set to cinematic visuals and curated playlists giving you a truly unique experience. 

FLY LDN, £20  @fly_ldn

What you'll need:

Lululemon The Towel $38

While most yoga classes don't require you to bring your own mat, it is a good idea to invest in a yoga towel. You know, to keep things hygienic. 


If you want fast results, HIIT is for you. HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is great for burning calories and upping your fitness if you've been lax over summer. 

Classes at F45 combine elements of HIIT with both circuit training and functional training to keep your body guessing. 

F45, 7 day trial £20  @f45_training

Nuffield Health's GRIT Class is a grueling 30 minutes of short bursts of high-intensity training with periods of recovery. Great for increasing your fitness levels, toning muscles, and burning off serious calories - you can also fit it in your lunch hour!

Nuffield Health, members only

HIIT classes are super popular and often book up fast, so if you can't get into one near you, don't stress. HIIT classes that you can do in the comfort of your home, right here. 

What you'll need:

Lululemon Hotty Hot Short $58

HIIT classes are designed to make you sweat. Ditch the leggings and invest in some new breathable shorts - your legs will thank us. 

ASOS 4505 Moulded Sports Bra $35 $12

With underwire support, a stretch underband, adjustable straps, and a hook and eye closure - this sports bra gives the support you'll need for a HIIT class.


Boxing is not only an amazing workout for your whole body, but it's great for focussing the mind and really letting off steam, too. 

Rumble classes at 1Rebel incorporate speed, footwork, strength and HIIT - all in one exhausting (but exhilarating) 45-minute session. Plus: within three of the London-based 1Rebel studios you'll find a Barber + Blow hair salon - so you can leave with a perfect blowdry, too. Winner.

Rumble at 1Rebel, £20  @1RebelUK

What you'll need:

Lululemon Purist Team Waterbottle $18

Boxing is thirsty work, and once you start a class - believe us - you'll find it hard to slip out. Make sure you're prepared with a water bottle at all times. 

Nike Running Epic React Trainers In Black $130

These running trainers are perfect for boxing classes. They have a knitted, sock-like feel for comfort, support, and breathability. 


Lululemon Energy Bra $52

If gyms just aren't your thing, then a dance class is the way to go. 

BLOKBEAT takes you through a dance warm-up to work flexibility before raising the tempo to hip hop and house. You'll be taught choreography, which builds up into a full fun routine, working coordination, agility, flowing through, and isolating different parts of the body. A good one to do with friends!

BLOKBEAT at Blok, £14  @bloklondon

If you fancy something a bit different, give belly-dancing a go. The 45-minute class available at Fitness First gyms sculpts and tones your core muscles by working your hips and stomach. Plus, you'll leave feeling like Shakira. 

Belly Dancing at Fitness First, members only @DWfitnessfirst

What you'll need:

Lululemon Miles Ahead Tank $48

This mesh tank top is designed to be switched-up depending on how sweaty your class gets. Tie the back to keep it in place or wear it loose to allow more air flow to your skin.

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates at Heartcore

Perfect for if you want the benefits of pilates but with an extra hit of strength, reformer pilates is a low impact, highly powerful class that works every muscle in your body.

Dynamic Pilates at Heartcore combines strength with the mind-body principles of Pilates, bridging the gap between athletic conditioning and healthy core-centered movement. You'll benefit from full-body postural strength, alignment, major tone, and flexibility. 

Dynamic Pilates at Heartcore, £27  @heartcorelife


What you'll need:

Lululemon State Of Flow Bra $48

Perfect for low-impact classes, this breathable mesh bra has a simple t-back design making it almost invisible under your tank. 


Barry's Bootcamp

Famous all over the world and for good reason, Barry's Bootcamp pushes you to the limit with high-intensity workouts that burn up to 1,000 calories in one class. Coming soon to Canary Wharf, Barry's won't ease you back into your workout routine - it will propel you headfirst.

Barry's Bootcamp, £22  @barrysbootcamp

Don't have a Barry's near you? Co-founder Joey Gonzalez takes you through a 12-minute Barry's Bootcamp routine that you can do at home, right here.  

What you'll need:

Lululemon Out Of Range Duffel $158

You're going to need a whole new change of clothes after Bootcamp so this duffel bag is perfect. It's roomy enough for a change of outfit, shoes, makeup bag, and towel - but doesn't look too bulky. Ideal. 

Lululemon Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight $98

These leggings are great for sprinting, jumping, and stretching - they never slip down. 


Virgin Active

Perfect for easing you back in to exercise, waterworks your body much harder but is gentle on joints.

Virgin Active gyms offer Aqua Fitness classes - which are great for beginners or people recovering from injury and Hydro Fitness classes - a more challenging cardiovascular workout.

The 60-minute Hydro class incorporates longer distance swims at low intensity, mixed with shorter distance sprints at a higher intensity, resulting in an efficient calorie-burning class. Research from Speedo also found that swimming for 30 minutes is just as effective as an hour of land-based exercise, meaning Hydro members will see the same results in half the time. Bonus!

Virgin Active Aqua & Hydro Fitness, members-only @virginactiveuk

What you'll need:

Lululemon Shoreline One Piece $98

Need that extra boost of motivation to get you in the pool? Splash out on a new swimming costume. This Shoreline One Piece from Lululemon hugs your body like a second skin so you don't have to worry about flashing in the pool!

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