8 Gym Bags That Are Both Chic and Practical (Yes, We're Surprised Too)

Best gym bag: Woman carrying a gym bag
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As far as accessories go, your gym bag is rarely the chicest of the bunch. If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent years squeezing your kit into the nearest, cheapest tote you can possibly find. The reason? Low expectations. No one expects a gym bag to be high-tech or look good, yet there are so many out there that manage both while remaining entirely practical. If you don’t believe me, keep scrolling for a roundup of gym bags that suit all workouts—whether you’re a mat-toting yogi, a cycling commuter or a pre-work gymgoer.

Lululemon Carry Onward Rucksack
Lululemon Carry Onward Rucksack $118

Cyclists, rejoice. This water-repellent backpack lets you zoom from A to Z in the rain—without damaging the phone, headphones or Kindle you’ve tucked away in the inner compartments. A waterproof bag is also a must if you often hit the gym showers in a rush. It’s also good if you’re a swimmer who doesn’t want their swimsuit soaking through their bag (because that’s never ideal, is it?).

Kate Spade New York Nylon Twill Gym Bag
Kate Spade New York Nylon Twill Gym Bag $308

If you have to plan your gym routine around your work schedule, then this is exactly the kind of kit bag you want to be holding when you breeze into the office each morning. Not only does it look great, but it also has a special, sleek compartment to hold your laptop. It’s also roomy enough to double-up as a weekend holdall.

Lululemon The Yoga Bag
Lululemon The Yoga Bag $48

Fact: Carrying around a yoga mat is far less chic than it looks. The whole ordeal can be pretty finicky and awkward when your mat is prone to unfurling every five seconds. That’s why Lululemon’s tall tote is an actual dream for dedicated yogis; it has a wide enough opening to fit your mat in, plus there are pockets for your phone, water bottle, snacks, and any other post-workout essentials.

Best Gym Bag: Nike Sport Golf Backpack
Nike Sport Golf Backpack $85

If your gym shoes get as much outdoor wear as indoor wear, it makes sense that you wouldn’t want them thrown in with your freshly washed and ironed kit. The clean freak in me loves the shoe compartment in this backpack, which keeps your trainers stashed at the bottom of the bag while your clothes can be packed at the top.

Best Gym Bag: Ban.do Work It Out Gym Bag
Ban.do Work It Out Gym Bag $34

Finally, a slogan we can get on board with. This duffle is as fun as it is functional, with cushioned straps for comfort, plenty of space in the main compartment and even a place to thread your headphones through. Oh, and if you’re really serious about getting post-workout pizza, there’s even a matching water bottle (which I need).

Sweaty Betty Luxe Gym Bag
Sweaty Betty Luxe Gym Bag $95

This is the packing-square enthusiast’s perfect gym bag. If you’re a stickler for extreme organization, you’ll love the many compartments in this quilted bag. There are separate sections for wet kits or trainers as well as bottom straps that hold your yoga mat, so you can use it for all manner of workouts.

Reebok Enhanced Imagiro
Reebok Enhanced Imagiro $35

Some days you need a duffle bag, other days a backpack is far more useful. It all depends on where you’re going and what kind of workout you plan to do. That’s where Reebok’s shape-shifting Imagiro design comes in. It’s a four-in-one bag that can act as a duffle, rucksack, grip or tote—depending on how you adjust the straps.

H&M Sports Bag
H&M Sports Bag $20

This H&M bag is functional, minimal and so purse-friendly. It works well with every post-gym outfit. Plus, the fast-drying fabric means you don’t have to think twice about chucking in your towel, swimsuit or sweaty workout gear.

So there you have it—eight gym bags that should encourage you to upgrade your dirty gym tote.

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