25 Best Green Eyeshadow Shades (and How to Wear Them)

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Green isn't typically the first color we would gravitate to when wanting to create everyday eyeshadow looks—or something special for a night out—yet this hue in all of its magical variations should be given a fair chance. Eyeshadow trends come and go, but wanting to try new beauty looks will certainly last forever. When it comes to colors, many tend to stick to their trusty go-to's that look good with everything but this can sometimes get us in a serious creative rut. While everyday neutral colors have their place, there's something to be said about a pop of color to step things up and allow us to be creative with our makeup in ways we hadn't thought of before. It's no surprise we've seen green eyeshadow looks all over Instagram and the red carpet, leaving us wanting more, yet wondering, how can we recreate this ourselves? Below is a roundup of the most inspiring and gorgeous green eyeshadow looks from the red carpet and beyond, along with every product you need to re-create these looks yourself.

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Green Streak

Best Green Eyeshadows Issa Rae

Getty Images

There's nothing to feel insecure about when rocking this green eyeshadow look, actress Issa Rae debuted at HBO's Insecure Block Party in July of 2018. Pairing it with soft lips and cheeks helps the green hue to stand out and completely steal the spotlight. This look is ideal for someone who wants to incorporate color into their beauty routine but might need a little practice before going full force.

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Emerald Dust

Best Green Eyeshadows Emerald Emma Roberts

Getty Images

Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge created this stunning emerald jewel-toned eyeshadow look on Emma Roberts, encompassing her whole lid with radiant color and blending outward from the crease to polish it off perfectly. Jewel tones are a great way to enhance eye color and they look beautiful when blended on any skin tone. With myriad colors to choose from in eyeshadow formulas, you might find yourself wanting to be an artist and mix a few colors to create the perfect green hue.

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Floating Lime Eyeliner

Best Green Eyeshadows Lime Floating Eyeliner Shay Mitchell


While it's not necessarily eyeshadow, we couldn't help but include this stunner created by makeup artist Ash K. Holm on Shay Mitchell. Reach for your limiest of lime eyeliners and drag the pigment across the crease to create a floating liner and connect to a classic cat-eye along the lash line.

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Aquamarine Dreams

Best Green Eyeshadows Aquamarine Leigh-Anne Pinnock

Getty Images

Complement an aqua lid with shimmering teal shadows along the undereye. Leigh-Anne Pinnock's blue-green combo gives her deep brown eyes added dimension and accentuation. Choose a warmer shade to blend out any harsh edges.

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Disney Princess

Ryley Isaac pulled inspiration from none other than Disney's Princess Tiana, and she's looking ever the royal beauty. Isaac begins by placing the shade "B1" from Anastasia's Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 2 ($60) all over the lid. Next, she's using Huda Beauty's Matte & Metal Melted Shadows ($25) in "Minted & Dinero" and "V-I-Pink & Million Dollar Deals": "Dinero" on the lid and "V-I-Pink" along the undereye.

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Lime Wash

Best Green Eyeshadows Lime Emma Stone

Getty Images

This beautiful lime green shadow on Emma Stone is the perfect complement to her fair skin, as seen on the red carpet of the 56th New York Film Festival's opening night premiere of The Favourite. When working with a color so bright, you don't need to add a lot of competing colors—her soft rose blush and lip color are the perfect way to tie a trendy shadow look together for the ultimate chic appeal.

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Electric Lines

Best Green Eyeshadows Electric


Makeup artist Daria Riabova created an energetic aqua moment on Micaéla Verrelien. To recreate the look, run a teal eyeliner pencil along your upper and lower lashlines (including the waterline here) and gently smudge outward.

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Dewy Wings

Glossy mint wings with a dewy highlight give the face a fresh and healthy glow. The Danessa Myricks Waterproof Cream Palette in Vivid ($36) can be used on the eyes, cheeks, and lids. Place the shade "Kiwi" on the lids and blend any combo of the four pink pigments for your cheek stain.

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Graphic Cat Eye

Best Green Eyeshadows Graphic Cat Eye Adriana Lima

Getty Images

Makeup Artist Patrick Ta, whose looks have certainly dominated Instagram, created a sharp-edged winged liner with green glitter accents on Adriana Lima, putting a refreshing twist on the classic makeup look. The touch of green adds just the right amount of glam when you're wanting to make a statement for a special event.

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Neon Shock

Best Green Eyeshadows Neon Alison Brie

Getty Images

This glowing pop of green neon on Alison Brie is not lost on anyone; the bright tone is striking and memorable, which is exactly what we want our makeup to be, right? Kind of makes you want to immediately start buying everything in neon and go for it. Since the neon hue is the main focal point here, you don't have to do much else to tie this look together.

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Jade Lids

In the words of Selena Gomez, we can't get enough of this metallic golden green eyeshadow look created by makeup artist Hung Vanngo. The airy feel of it all just makes us want to wear colored eyeshadow every day, hoping we gleam and glisten in the sunlight just like her. To re-create this eyeshadow look, simply apply primer on the lid and follow up with your green shadow of choice blending outward in an upright way to lift the shadow in the outer corners, creating a winged-like effect.

Try colors "Myth," "Sage," "Laurel," "Ivy," "Obscure," and "Locust" from this palette for a beautiful variation of greens.

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Gilded Emerald

Best Green Eyeshadows Emerald Gold


We can't stop obsessing over this masterpiece by Nikki Wolff. A sunny gold nestled between jewel-toned green is precisely placed just above and below the iris, mimicking and highlighting the glowy golden brown and hazel-green of Sydney Harper's eyes.

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Punchy Pigment

This bold eyeshadow pigment is a stunning complement to deep skin tones. The electric green shade swoops into an elegant cat-eye, while mesmerizing emerald tones frame the undereye. A dusting of shimmering green highlight in the inner corners brightens the eye and pulls together the look of smoldering poison ivy.

Try the shade "Reflection" in the YMH Beaute palette from Amazon.

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Watermelon Eyes

Best Green Eyeshadows Watermelon Kylie Jenner


Makeup artist Ariel Tejada is constantly delivering iconic looks via Kylie Jenner's face and this watermelon-themed concoction is no exception. The juxtaposition of the shimmery light green on the lid with a deeper sage in the crease reminds us of the fruit's swirly green rind. Line the undereye with an electric fuchsia for a look reminiscent of the quintessential summertime snack.

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Keep to the Corners

Best Green Eyeshadows Corners


Not keen to rock a full lid of green? A stroke just at the inner corners makes these brown eyes pop. Confining your bright hues to smaller areas allows you to keep your lids a more neutral shade, perfect for those only looking to dip their toes in the world of neon shadows.

Try the shade "Soft Serve" from BH Cosmetics' Pistachio - 8 Color Shadow Palette.

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Fairy Vibes

Best Green Eyeshadows Fairy


Nikki Wolff is giving us all the ethereal vibes with this look. The blend of teal, fresh green, and lime yellow in all the right places is topped with a perfect dusting of sparkle. Wear with a peach blush and understated lip to let your lids speak for themselves.

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Green Silk

Best Green Eyeshadows Silky La La Anthony

Getty Images

La La Anthony's emerald eyes look every bit as silky as the top she wore across the red carpet for the Starz Power fifth season premiere in 2018. For a sultry look, go a little extra with the undereye shadows and whisk it out into a subtle cat-eye.

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Vivid and Regal

Best Green Eyeshadows Regal

Getty Images

Choose greens with flecks of gold and feel all the royal vibes that come with it. This vibrant lid is paired with a stately and bold black lower liner.

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Smoky Metallic

Best Green Eyeshadows Smoky Metallic Alessandra Ambrosio

Getty Images

Make like Alessandra Ambrosio and get smoky with some deep chromatic teals. "Blue Honey" and "Royal Jelly" from the Kylie Cosmetics Blue Honey Palette ($42) is the perfect mix of metallics and seafoam green. We love how this color combo makes bright brown eyes shine—just like honey.

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Pastel Peridot

Best Green Eyeshadows Pastel Keke Palmer

Getty Images

Swap the inner corner highlight with a light dusting of pale green to brighten up a charcoal lid while keeping your pigment understated. Try pairing shades "Peridot" and "Siren" from Ohii's Magic Hour Shadow Palette ($24).

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Pop of Green

Best Green Eyeshadows Pop Hailey Bieber


A demure touch of green nestled at the center of the lid is all it takes to elevate this blue eyeshadow look created by Nikki Wolff on Hailey Bieber. Bonus—the placement of the yellow-green just above the iris brings out the greenish-gold flecks in brown and hazel eyes.

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Smoky Greens

Best Green Eyeshadows Smoky Zendaya

Getty Images

Get smoky with an ascension from light to dark shades as you go up the lid, but swap the classic smoky eye grays with hunter green, bright jade, and frosty chartreuse for the inner corners.

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Dark and Matte

Best Green Eyeshadows Dark Matte


We have concluded that there are endless ways to wear emerald eyeshadow and this deep, matte take is just so striking. There's nothing too fancy here—and this solid color approach proves you don't need to blend five different shades to pull off bold green lids.

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Green Rainbow

Create a colorful transition from blue at the outer edges to yellow at the inner corners. If we're talking green, we have to pay homage to its two primary parents, right? And how beautiful is the resulting rainbow?

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Cool-Toned Glitter

Best Green Eyeshadows Cool Glitter Lucy Hale

Getty Images

Lucy Hale's hazel peepers were dazzling a little extra at the 2018 FOX Teen Choice Awards thanks to some shimmery aqua shadows. Her rendition boasts tones of silver, giving the look an almost smoky feel.

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