This Sparkling Sunscreen Is the Answer to Festivalgoers' Dreams

For better or for worse, there are probably numerous things that come to mind when someone says "festival season"—many of which I probably shouldn't bring up if I still want to have a job tomorrow. However, that being said, one debatably innocent word practically synonymous with festival frolicking is "glitter." (I say "debatably" because I've quickly come to realize a person's stance on the substance is practically political.) And while one part of our psyche automatically cringes when we see glitter-spackled hairlines, body tattoos, and decolletages, the adjacent part—which surreptitiously nurtures an affinity for metallic gelly roll pens, patent Lisa Frank planners, and HitClips from the iconic likes of the Baha Men—still pines for the stuff. (And hey, if you don't relate on some basal level, we seriously doubt you would have clicked on this post in the first place.)

So now that we've established we're all on the same semi-embarrassing playing field as far as glitter is concerned, let's discuss the upcoming product roster for festival season. Which, as you may have surmised from the headline, now includes various disco ball–esque vehicles for your nonnegotiable SPF habit.

Enter Sunshine & Glitter's heart-stoppingly reflective collection of sun- and sparkle-approved skincare, which not only comes in just about every shape and form (from lip glosses to bug repellants) but also boasts a pretty impressive ingredient list regarding what the products do—and don't—include. (Historically speaking, this has been our main gripe with any type of product that would be at home inside a caboodle and/or alongside a collection of Furbies.) For instance, the brand claims the products are PABA- and paraben-free, pumped with antioxidants, and non-irritating to the skin. (Allure even addressed the safety concern here.) Sounds like a triple-win, no?

Also, as an FYI, Sunshine & Glitter isn't alone in its mission to pair whimsy with SPF, and the Byrdie team has actually spotted several high-shine options in our inboxes recently. (Bare Republic Neon Sunscreen Sticks are also pretty intriguing, but don't worry, we'll get there in a few.)

Keep scrolling for the top-trending glitter-infused SPF products your OTT festival outfits won't be complete without this spring.