5 Glitter Makeup Ideas to Bookmark Before New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is a time for celebration—looking forward to the year to come, clinking your friends' champagne flutes, and even kissing a special (or entirely random) person at the stroke of midnight. It's also for glitter makeup. Right? What other time calls more for a shimmering, glinty, frosted eye, face, lip, et al., than ringing in a new year. With that in mind, we took to Instagram to find the most sought-after glitter makeup ideas from our favorite celebrity makeup artists. Then, we found the exact products they used and included those as well.

Below, find every glittery confection you've ever wanted and more on the faces of your favorite celebrities, models, and even the makeup artists themselves. They're all cool, epic, and undoubtedly beautiful, and are sure to garner compliments the second you step outside. Keep scrolling for your NYE makeup inspiration and the products you need to re-create them.