The Best Full-Coverage Foundations for Every Budget

No makeup collection is complete without full-coverage foundation, but finding a good one can be tricky. Cakey, heavy, thick, and mask-like are all adjectives that tend to be associated with maximum-coverage makeup, but also ones we’d like to avoid. Luckily, products that cover without the aforementioned cons can be found at all price points.

Flip through to find the one that fits your fall foundation budget!

For undetectable coverage, try this celebrity makeup artist favorite. Ricky Wilson loves it because he says it actually looks like skin. Wilson recommends applying the foundation with a damp makeup sponge. “The sponge helps blend the foundation seamlessly into your skin, so that it doesn’t look obvious.”

Instead of choosing something with medium coverage and building it up, try this full-coverage foundation, and sheer it out where needed. “The Sensual Skin Enhancer Makeup offers the highest amount of coverage in a concentrated form,” celebrity makeup artist Saisha Beecham says. “This gives you the coverage you need, without others knowing you needed it.”

For under $40, this product gives you a flawless finish that not only lasts, but also stays fresh for 15 hours—without caking or creasing. And, unlike some other maximum-coverage foundations, it feels super lightweight on your skin.

Use this pick to get an even complexion instantly and a more even skin tone over time. The long-wearing formula glides on smoothly, brightens all over, and has a natural finish. 

For matte face makeup on the cheap, choose this foundation. The product’s Time Release Technology controls oil to keep shine at bay. Even though it has a true matte finish, it will never feel tight when you’re wearing it.

This is the best bargain in the full-coverage foundation category. The breathable formula covers where you need it, and, thanks to the lightweight pigments, still lets your skin’s natural highlights shine through.


Which one will you try?

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