15 of the Best Full-Coverage Foundations You Can Find at the Drugstore

Mark my words: A price tag means nothing when it comes to how good a beauty product is. That old-school way of thinking holds no truth anymore thanks to the booming business of drugstore retailers. The latest and greatest in beauty products featuring innovative, next-level formulas are available in drugstores worldwide. We particularly love the shiny bottles of full-coverage foundations stacked on the shelves.

Gorgeous glam starts with good base makeup, and there's an array of top-notch drugstore foundations that were created with all skin types and skin tones in mind—foundations that give you the desirable coverage you're looking for. Many of these products have gained major recognition, awards, and praise from consumers because they're that good. Celebrity makeup artists, Byrdie editors, and real women everywhere agree that these are the 15 best full-coverage drugstore foundations on the market. Oh, and how could I forget to mention they're all under $20?