30 Matching Tattoo Ideas For Best Friends

From minimal outlines to statement pieces.

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Sure, BFF necklaces or bracelets are good ways to pledge your friendship, but why not try something a little more permanent? For the BFFs that know their love will last forever, matching tattoos will prove you’re ride-or-die no matter where life may take you.

Because all friendships are unique, you may have a special design idea in mind, but you may also want to see some more inspiration before taking the leap together. BFF tattoos can be exact matches, slightly related, or complete opposites—this type of ink is as individual as you and your BFF. Ahead, 30 stunning tattoos for you and your best friend.

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Always With You

If you and your BFF are practically inseparable, an “Always With You” tattoo will keep you connected no matter where you go. The thin script emphasizes the femininity and daintiness of the design.

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Moon And Sun

For the BFFs who are complete opposites, a moon and sun is a great way to symbolize your friendship. Getting a design that’s simple linework creates a minimal tattoo that will go with any style.

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Avocado Halves

Show everyone that they avoca-don’t love their BFF as much as you with these matching avocado tattoos. The thick outlines, bright colors, and face on the food give it a cartoonish whimsy.

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Lotus Flower

Lotus flowers are all about purity of mind, soul, and body. If your BFF helped you find your zen, matching lotus flowers are a great way to show your spiritual friendship. The overlapping petals give it a minimal design, rather than a realistic one.

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Dinosaur Doodles

Why not get a little matching whimsical dinosaur with your BFF? The simplistic nature of it and the overlapping back scale lines makes it feel hand-drawn, while the color brightens it up.

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Linework Heart

Is there a simpler way to show your love than with a heart? This simple linework heart is a minimal way to show your affection for your BFF without too much detail.

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Wine Glasses

Are you and your BFF the kind of people to call happy hour “wine o’clock?” Then consider matching wine glass tattoos! The design here is basic enough that the bare elements are present, but enough detail is paid to show the wine in motion.

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Matching Semicolons

A semicolon is a symbol of never stopping, only pausing briefly. And in recent history, the semicolon tattoo has become a symbol for overcoming mental health issues.

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Diamond Girls

Remind yourselves that you’re shining gem with these matching diamond tattoos. Placement on the inner wrist means it’ll always be visible to the person getting it, but it’s slightly hidden nature makes it feel personal.

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Bird Armbands

For BFFs who love nature or who are always traveling, a bird armband is a great idea for a matching tattoo. Here, white ink is used to give highlight and sheen to the primarily blackwork design.

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Key To My Heart BFF Tattoo

Is a simple heart tattoo too simple to signify you and your BFF's love? This heart key design is a great way to show that you each have the key to each other’s hearts.

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Simple Flower Tattoos

A simple flower is a great tattoo idea for BFFs! Signify the flourishing and growth of your relationship in a minimal design, like these flower stems.

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Pinky Promise

Whatever your promise to each other might be, this tattoo is a symbol of the deep-rooted trust and safety you feel confiding in your best friend.

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To Infinity and Beyond

Calling all Disney fans. This Toy Story-inspired tattoo quotes Buzz Lightyear's iconic catchphrase.

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Lawn Chairs

Do you and your BFF love to spend the summer at the beach or kill time at the pool? These matching lawn chairs are a great way to show off your favorite activity with your bestie, and the color adds a sense of fun to the otherwise inanimate object.

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Anatomical Hearts

If your BFF has your whole heart, why not get exactly that tattooed? While some people may prefer the simple cartoon heart design, a realistic design may be better for BFFs that see the world in that way.

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The rose is the flower of love, so what better symbol of you and your BFF’s relationship to get inked. This design uses black ink only, but the shading and linework make it feel detailed without overwhelming it.

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Split Coconut

A BFF is basically half of you, so why not show just how you complete each other by getting two halves of a coconut tattooed. This is a great idea for fans of tropical flavors or destinations, and the placement makes it intimate and personal.

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Sugar, Spice, and Chemical X

You don’t have to only have one BFF to get matching tattoos. For the trio who understands the strength of girl power, these Powerpuff Girls are a great way to tie in your personality and interests.

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Butterfly BFF Tattoo

Butterflies hold a deep representation of the self, and many cultures consider it a symbol of the soul. Keep the soul of your BFF with you at all times with a butterfly tattoo in your bestie’s color — they can get yours, too!

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No Matter Where BFF Tattoo

For the BFFs who live hundreds of miles away or that know they will physically separate one day, this tattoo reminds you that your bestie is there with you, no matter how far away you may be.

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Constellation BFF Tattoo

Seeing your BFF’s constellation in the night sky may be enough to remind you of them, but why not get it tattooed so that the reminder is constant? This design uses realistic elements, like the dotted lines and circle/star symbols, to mimic the look of a real star map.

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Watercolor Heart BFF Tattoo

For the besties who love to explode with color, these matching watercolor heart tattoos are a great way to show it off. These tattoos also “fit” into each other, meaning one is the outline and one is the inside of the design. It’s a great way to show that your BFF completes you like no one else!

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Ace BFF Tattoo

Are you and your BFF so hot that you’re aces? Show it off by getting the playing card symbol tattooed on your arm. Each of you can pick the suit that you feel best fits you, or you can choose for each other!

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Harry Potter BFF Tattoo

For the besties who bonded over Harry Potter, why not get the well-known Deathly Hallows symbol! The thin outline gives the generally clunky design a lighter and delicate feeling.

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Overlapping Branches BFF Tattoo

Having a BFF is all about knowing when to grow together and when to extend a branch in kindness. What better way to show this off than with matching, overlapping floral branches? Add detail to the basic design with petals, leaves, and berries.

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Triangle BFF Tattoo

If you're more of a BFF trio than a duo, ink three equilateral triangles to symbolize your friendship. In this example, each person has a different triangle shaded in.

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Dainty Hearts

Keep your best friend right where you can see her—on your ring finger. This also makes a great ring replacement tattoo.

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Creation of Adam Tattoos

We love this modern, minimalist take on the Creation of Adam painting on the Sistine Chapel. Ink on your wrists, the back of the neck, shoulders, or anywhere else you see fit—just be sure to have your tattoos pointing in opposite directions as if they're reaching out for each other.

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Two Tulips

Floral tattoos are popular at ink studios everywhere, but these matching tulip tattoos stand out from the typical roses and vines.

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