The Broke Girl's Guide to Taking Care of Your Skin Like a Model

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It still baffles us how models seemingly maintain beautiful glowing skin all the time. In theory, between the long flights, late nights, early call times, and the loads of makeup they wear on a regular basis, they should have breakouts, uneven skin tones, and rough texture up the wazoo. Alas (as we’ve witnessed firsthand), that is not always the case. One answer is that they have all-star estheticians on call, ready and willing to zap a zit or clear a pore at a moment’s notice. Or perhaps their medicine cabinets are lined with the best luxe products money can buy. While both of these speculations may be true, most models actually have a wealth of mostly free—yes, free—beauty tips and tricks they rely on.

Keep reading to find out how to take care of your skin like a model.

To Get an Instant Glow, Try an Inversion

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Lindsay Ellingson says yoga is the secret to her glow. She calls inversions (where your legs are lifted above your head and weight rests in your arms) the natural face-lift because “they increase blood flow and oxygen to the face, which gives you a healthy glow.”

To Tighten Skin and Wake Up a Dull Complexion, Try an Ice Facial

Jasmine Tookes
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Victoria’s Secret Angel Jasmine Tookes told Into the Gloss that she ices her face before she goes to bed each night because “it keeps your pores really tight, and you wake up with a perfect complexion.” Here are four more ways you can use ice in your beauty routine.

For Healthy Skin That Shows, Eat Your Superfoods

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Molly Sims knows good skin starts from the inside out. “I eat all the antioxidants, like goji berries, and I love flaxseed,” Sims told us. “The best thing I do is adding a big spoonful of Dr. Schulze's Super Food ($44) to my smoothies. It’s great for your skin.”

Dr. Schulze's Superfood Plus $48.00

To De-Puff Fast, Give Yourself a Facial Massage

Hillary Rhoda
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Hilary Rhoda adopted a practice she learned backstage: facial massages. “Makeup artists at early morning shows always give a good face massage to get the blood flowing,” she says. “Now I give them to myself! It’s a good little trick that wakes you up, and de-puffs your face.” And how exactly you do give yourself a facial massage? Check out our GIF tutorial.

To Detoxify All Over, Soak With Salt

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After a long day on the job, Lindsey Wixson revitalizes her skin with a (nearly free) soak in the bathtub. “It gets rid of all the toxins that build up after a long day of hair and makeup. I’ll fill the tub with warm water and Himalayan Sea Salt, soak my body for 20 minutes, and splash my face a few times,” she told us.

Westlab Himalayan Bathing Salt $27.00

To Get Angel-Soft Skin, Raid Your Kitchen Cabinets

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When your skin needs more than a salt soak, do as Victoria’s Secrets models do and scrub with the contents of your kitchen. “Coconut oil and sugar make a great at-home body scrub,” Lily Aldridge says. “Plus, it smells amazing.” Try Nature’s Way Extra Virgin Coconut Oil ($9).

For Plumper Skin, Ditch Your Cleanser

Manuka honey for skin

Petra Němcová trades fancy cleansers for $16 honey when her complexion needs a boost. “Practically speaking, I love using manuka honey,” Němcová says. “It’s an unusual trick. In the morning, make your face a little bit damp with honey, and sort of cleanse your skin with it. It is antibacterial and works like a cleanser, but at the same time, it plumps up your skin. Wash it off after about five minutes. It’s very natural and serves that dual purpose of cleansing while making your whole skin plump overall.”

Nature's Way Coconut Oil $16.00

For Radiant Skin, Eat the Rainbow

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Model Liu Wen's skin is unarguably perfect. Thus, it came as no surprise when she shared a few of her morning breakfast staples which are filled with vitamins, minerals, and plenty of antioxidants meant to encourage glowing, clear skin. "When you wake up, the first step is to drink warm water with honey and after that have fresh fruit like apples and oranges." Noted.

To Revive Lackluster Skin During Travel, Try This Cream

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One look at model Paloma Elsesser's flawless skin and you'll want to know all her secrets. Especially, ahem, since she just so happens to be one of Pat McGrath's beauty muses. So what's her stealthy trick for the smooth complexion of our dreams? She revealed in her Just Five Things video that it's all about one certain product—recommended by McGrath, naturally. "I lather Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentrate ($28) all over my face every time I do my makeup, every time I fly on an airplane, it stays in my bag, I'll use it as a hand lotion, and it also smells divine."

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