The Perfumes Real Women Wear When They Want to Feel Powerful

Note is a rather befitting word for the layers of scents in a fragrance. A blend works much like a symphony, the head, heart, and base notes working together harmoniously (and in some cases, clashing intentionally) in minor and major keys, evoking emotions and telling a story. The wearer acts as the conductor, artfully selecting the scent that speaks to their current mood, to the mood they wish to feel. In fact, scientifically speaking, certain scents are proven to make individuals feel more confident, especially if it triggers a memory, which our olfactory system can do better than even images can. In a sense, a fragrance alone is a power suit—pants and jackets, be damned.

We at Byrdie HQ have our own individual power fragrances (mine is Byredo Unnamed for its sultry top notes of gin and pink pepper and brawny base of fir and oakmoss), so we thought we'd pose the question to the members of our secret Facebook group, The Beauty Line (want to join? DM us at @byrdiebeauty, and we'll send you an invitation): Which fragrance makes you feel powerful, strong, and confident? Their answers, below.

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