I'm Obsessed With Even, Glowing Skin—These Are the Only Foundations I Trust


Hallie Gould

Keeping my skin clear, hydrated, and distinctly radiant is somewhat of a hobby of mine. I might even go as far as to say it's an obsession. Even as I write this sentence, I'm wearing Bioeffect EFG Eye Mask Treatment ($95) at my desk. Everything I put on my face is calculated and purposeful. That goes for my favorite cleansers, toners, serums, and moisturizers—as well as my foundation.

See, pretty much every single makeup artist advocates for thoughtful skincare as part of your makeup routine. Because without a healthy canvas, your makeup will never look as good as it could. It all begins and ends with your skin. That being said, some formulas offer all the dewy, even, glowy results more so than others. They provide coverage without looking cakey, catch the light without creating shine, and allow for supreme staying power through your longest nights and sweatiest days.

To keep things easy, I've listed the only foundations I trust below, the offerings that have taken me through weddings, workouts, and NYC's public transportation system during the throes of summer. Each one is a blend of good ingredients, excellent coverage, and hydrating, radiating, evening properties that make my skin natural-looking—but better. Find my favorites below.

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