We're Cheating on Our Usual Foundations With These New Formulas

Of all the products we take for a spin, foundation is probably the hardest sell. We all have our mainstays that perform the best for our specific skin types, and trying a new product without giving it a trial run is honestly a big risk—it could streak, photograph weird, or look completely different than when it did in the bathroom mirror (the worst), so why not rely on our old faithfuls? A mascara can flake, an eye shadow can crease, but foundation covers a lot of surface area—we're not about to roll the dice there.

However, this year, in particular, we've had a lot of enticing new foundations cross our desks—formulas that are so good that we've actually shoved our old foundations to the back of our cabinets to give these newcomers a bit more play time. Below are our top new picks.