These Are the 13 Best Foundations for Anyone Over 40

It's true that after puberty, when we take the most time to experiment and learn to use makeup, we don't relearn application skills based on our age. Many of us don't even update our products as the years go by. But there's something to be said for continuing your makeup education, as various skin concerns come up as we age. For example, the makeup that looked great on my 20-year-old skin doesn't entirely hold up now that a decade has passed and fine lines and sallow skin are my new reality.

We all know that our skin becomes drier as we age, losing lift and tone where supple, bouncy skin used to lie. And that's okay! But there are also ways to keep things looking fresh and youthful too. For example, your foundation. The formula is so important, as it creates a canvas for the rest of your makeup. So we asked a makeup artist, a cosmetics company co-founder, and a woman who specializes in makeup education for women over 40 to offer up their foundation recommendations.