11 Foundation Brushes That Will Make Your Skin Look Perfect

Brushes make a big difference when it comes to A1 glam looks. Whether you're a believer in brushes or not, it's hard to deny that they can do things your hands can't. Your fingertips can't compete with a 140,000-bristle brush that feels like a pillow in brush form. At the end of the day, brushes exist to make our lives easier, and if you've already found your perfect foundation, even better. After you've applied your number one foundation with one of the brushes below, your life will forever be changed and your selfies, upgraded.

The key to a good brush is looking for synthetic hair with a generous amount of bristles, which won't waste too much of your product and will make your foundation look flawless. Read on for the best brushes on the market for both powder and liquid foundation.