6 Foods a Top Supermodel Eats to Keep Her Skin in Check

It's incredible how many beauty editors and models I meet who wear very little (if any) makeup—and their skin is always glowing and gorgeous! The no-makeup makeup trend has been enthusiastically embraced, but it's not always easy to pull off. Daily stressors and the environment wreak havoc on your skin. Trust me—I know. Luckily, I also know the secret to glowing skin, and it goes beyond good genes. As co-founder of Wander Beauty, I love to experiment with color. A nude lip and smokey eye is my go-to look for a night out or fashion event. However, on my days off, I give my skin a break and keep it clean; although, my eyebrows are always enhanced with our Frame Your Face Micro Brow Pencil ($21). The key for me, and all women, to feel confident in bare skin starts from within. Keep reading for my go-to snacks that work with your skin to keep you looking youthful and glowing.

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