The 10 Best Flats for Work That Mean Business

Walk confidently without a heel in sight.

Best Flats for Work CPFW S/S22

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Whether you're looking to smarten your footwear, returning to a longer commute, or starting to upgrade your casual outfits, the flat shoes in your wardrobe can do far more for your look than comfort alone. The best flats for work are chic, timeless, and freeing all rolled into one. If you're sharpening your trousers, polishing your sock collection, or elevating your button-down shirt ensembles, this season we’re trading heels for flats and boldly embracing the contemporary update.

Ready to lead with your best foot forward? Read on to discover 10 of the best flats for work, from timeless classics to modern statements.

Penny Loafers

Best Flats for Work Penny Loafer

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A preppy addition to the wardrobe, penny loafers make for the perfect new season update with their minimal, contemporary design. Adding easy polish to any outfit, this is contemporary comfort at its finest.

Oxford Brogues

Best Flats for Work Oxford Brogue

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The oxford brogue is synonymous with the start of the new season, just like the start of a new school year. Updated with embellishment or a new color, oxfords are some of the best flats for working in the office after time spent at home.

Chunky Flat Loafers

Chunky Flat Loafer

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This is just like the loafer, but with some added height. Adding some edge to your flat-shoe game is a great way to make an effortless statement, and this style is a straightforward way to do so. “This key shoe for fall 2021 is not only loved by the fashion crowd, but it happens to be a perfect return-to-work staple," stylist Allison Berlin tells Byrdie. "I love styling these loafers with knee-high socks and skirts or with a wider leg trouser."

Mary Janes

mary janes

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Framing the arch of the foot so delicately, Mary Janes are the perfectly dainty way of embracing flats for work this season. Whether upgraded with some detail or considered with a soft leather, you’ll be ready to wear them with some structured trousers or a midi dress.



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The best flats for work can be equally as glamorous as heels, and mules are the perfect way to do that. Streamlined on the foot, mules pair well with a laid-back approach to styling—add some structured trousers and an oversized sweater that's tucked in at the waist, and you have a stylish look without even trying.


Best Flats for Work Slingbacks

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Elegant and accentuating the foot, slingbacks provide polish without getting too prim and proper. Dressing up or down, you can confidently navigate any event on your calendar without having to worry about if the flats will work at the office. According to celebrity stylist Amanda Lim, “[Slingbacks] are a must have in your closet, perfect for a casual day at the office, a busy Sunday running errands, or even for your best friend's bridal shower."

Ballet Flats

Best Flats for Work Ballet Flats

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The understated-yet-sleek design of a ballet flat makes this the most versatile, and therefore essential, flat in your wardrobe. Wearing equally well with jeans, trousers, or dresses, this style is the LBD of shoes in our book.

Embellished Flats

Best Flats for Work Embellished Flats

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Put the heels aside: Glamour is no longer only about a six-inch stiletto. Enter the embellished flat, your answer to comfort and glitz all in one.


Best Flats for Work Babouches

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Everyone loves a versatile shoe when it comes to the best flats for work. The babouche seamlessly slips between feeling more like a mule or a loafer, depending on the mood for the day.

Pointed Flats

Best Flats for Work Pointed Flats

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Pointed styles are like stiletto pumps without the height and discomfort, making them the best flats for work. Keep creating amazing looks around your floor-length trousers or dresses, but skip the end-of-day foot pain.

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