The 8 Best Flat Irons of 2019

These tools will give you silky smooth locks

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Finding the right straightener for your hair can make a big difference in your styling routine. The wrong one can either fry your hair or just be too difficult to use. It’s best to search for the one that suits all your needs, whether it’s getting your frizz under control or taming a curly mane. Once you find the best flat iron for you, you’ll cut your routine in half and wind up with healthier hair.

Instead of picking up the first flat iron you find at the store, it's important to do some research into the materials used, heat setting options and the size and surface area of the flat iron's head.

Below, check out the best flat irons for each hair type to find the right one for your needs.

Best Overall: GHD Platinum Professional Performance Styler

Regardless your hair type, this flat iron promises to create less breakage and allow for a sleeker look than most hair straighteners. This straightener can heat up in just 20 seconds and automatically shuts off after 30 minutes of inactivity, so you can keep your peace of mind when getting ready. It only heats up to 365 degrees, the recommended temperature for minimal breakage, but maintains that temperature while you style your hair, reducing the amount of times you’ll have to go over each section of hair. The floating plates adjust to each strand for better control and quicker styling. This iron promises to keep your hair as healthy as possible with as little breakage possible, which makes it worth the investment.

Best Budget: Remington Pro 1" Flat Iron with Thermaluxe Technology

If you don’t have the budget for a luxury straightener, this ceramic flat iron from Remington will do the trick. With a heat up time of just 15 seconds and over 30 different heat settings, this flat iron can suit every hair type. Its tangle-free fabric cord allows you to get every angle needed without any worries, and it even comes with a handy heat proof pouch to store it in. When you’re done styling your hair, it shuts off automatically after 60 minutes. Because it’s only 1 inch wide, you can get up close to your roots without worrying about burning your skin or leaving an unsightly dented shape in your strands.

Best for Thick Hair: Sedu Professional 1½" Flat Iron

With thick hair, it’s important to find a flat iron that can straighten each strand without having to go over it too many times, essentially frying your hair. This Sedu iron promises to do just that. You can choose any temperature between 240 and 410 degrees, so you’re in control of how hot you want it. Plus, it heats up in less than 25 seconds, cutting your styling time way down. This also promises to eliminate frizz and static, which can be key with thick hair.

Best for Textured Hair: xtava Infrared Flat Iron Hair Straightener

When you have natural, coarse or kinky-curly hair, ceramic irons are preferred to titanium because the heat typically is distributed more evenly with ceramic materials. This straightener has floating plates, which means they flex with your hair for a better grip and keep your strands in constant contact with heat. The eight-foot long cord means finding the right place to plug your iron in will be a breeze.

This flat iron can reach 10 different heat settings that range from 265 to 445 degrees in just 90 seconds and automatically shuts off after an hour of use. The most important part of this straightener is the infrared technology because that allows the heat to penetrate the entire strand, not just the outer layer. 

Best for Curly Hair: T3 Singlepass X

Getting the super straight and sleek look with curly hair can be tough. It either takes forever or your hair never smooths out exactly right. This flat iron promises to be everything you need and more. It’s specifically designed with coarse, thick and curly hair in mind. It has five heat settings between 260 and 410 degrees, allowing you to customize it depending on how you want your hair styled. It also has a microchip embedded to make sure the iron stays the same temperature throughout your styling session, so you don’t have to worry about overheating your locks.

Best for Fine Hair: Solano Sleekheat450 Professional Flat Iron

With super fine hair, you want a straightener that has lower settings because it doesn’t take much heat to get your hair to become straight. This Amazon Choice product goes all the way down to 170 degrees, making it perfect for finer hair. It heats up in just 60 seconds and automatically shuts off. Because of the ceramic plates, it’s able to glide through your hair effortlessly and distribute the right amount of heat evenly throughout. You don’t have to worry about frying your hair, especially if it’s thin and more fragile.

Best for Short Hair: BaBylissPRO Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

With short hair, whether it’s a bob or a pixie, the most important quality to look for in a straightener is size. While it may seem like a thick straightener gets the job done faster, it’s actually harder to use with short hair. You can get closer to the roots using a one-inch straighteners without burning your scalp. This iron has 50 different settings that reach up to 450 degrees, allowing you to pick the heat you prefer for styling. Since you’re getting closer to your roots, the range in heat and the smaller size is a major plus.

Best for Frizzy Hair: Remington S8510 Anti Frizz Therapy Straightener

Remington’s Anti-Frizz flat iron can calm even the frizziest hair. Built-in conditioner transfers onto your hair with every stroke to give you up to 65% less frizz for 15 hours, even in humidity. The ceramic plates allow you to glide the iron right through your hair without any snagging or tugging too. It takes just 30 seconds to properly heat up and automatically shuts off after an hour of use. Plus, it’s an Amazon Choice product and is super affordable.

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