10 Fitness Trackers for Every Aspect of Your Workout

To be honest, shopping for a fitness tracker in 2018 kind of feels like shopping for an anti-aging serum—fun and exciting, of course (plant us in the sparkling aisles of Sephora any day), but also a tad overwhelming. Both the fitness accessory and skincare industries have become sufficiently saturated, after all. While we used to think the fitness-tracking market was made up of purely Apple Watches and Fitbits, all it took was a quick online search to swiftly prove our outdated assumptions wrong. Not to mention fitness trackers' capabilities, in addition to their sleek and comfy designs, have come a long long way, even just over the span of a few years. From sleep quality to exercise-form analysis to oxygen quality to text notifications, there's not much this generation of fitness trackers can't do, which has left us with one burning question: Which one do we pick?

To ease our curiosity, fall fitness goals, and your own efforts (we always strive to make shopping as stress-free as possible for you), we decided to roll up our sleeves and perform some research to discover which fitness trackers rank top of the class. After scouring the internet's best-of lists, polling our friends, and scrutinizing countless Amazon reviews, we think we came up with a pretty fantastic top 10. Ahead, the best fitness trackers according to people who swear by them—standout Amazon reviews included.