10 Fitness Trackers for Every Aspect of Your Workout

Updated 10/29/18

To be honest, shopping for a fitness tracker in 2018 kind of feels like shopping for an anti-aging serum—fun and exciting, of course (plant us in the sparkling aisles of Sephora any day), but also a tad overwhelming. Both the fitness accessory and skincare industries have become sufficiently saturated, after all. While we used to think the fitness-tracking market was made up of purely Apple Watches and Fitbits, all it took was a quick online search to swiftly prove our outdated assumptions wrong.

Not to mention fitness trackers' capabilities, in addition to their sleek and comfy designs, have come a long long way, even just over the span of a few years. From sleep quality to exercise-form analysis to oxygen quality to text notifications, there's not much this generation of fitness trackers can't do, which has left us with one burning question: Which one do we pick?

To ease our curiosity, fall fitness goals, and your own efforts (we always strive to make shopping as stress-free as possible for you), we decided to roll up our sleeves and perform some research to discover which fitness trackers rank top of the class. After scouring the internet's best-of lists, polling our friends, and scrutinizing countless Amazon reviews, we think we came up with a pretty fantastic top 10. Ahead, the best fitness trackers according to people who swear by them—standout Amazon reviews included.

Huawei Band 2 Pro All-in-One Activity Tracker Smart Fitness $69

Features: breathing instruction, heart rate monitoring, sports coach movement analysis, GPS movement tracking, waterproof, sleep monitoring  

What reviewers say: "This activity tracker works great! My activities are: walking everywhere I go (no car, lol), running outside, and forgetting to take it off before I swim/shower. This watch, like most activity tracker, uses motion (arm swings) to count your steps. If you go for a run, you start the activity, and the watch's GPS starts up. It will track your distance, HR, pace, VO2, and splits. It also has a great sleep tracker! I can't tell if the REM/deep/light sleep is accurate, but it definitely knows exactly when I fall asleep, wake-up, and am up during the night.

Like every activity tracker, this will sadly not count your steps if you are pushing a stroller. A bonus is it syncs with google fit, so I get points through my work's health program! Oh, and it's very water resistant, I go in the pool and shower with it almost daily." — MM

Garmin Vivosport $185

Features: GPS movement tracking, daily fitness and stress tracking, smartphone pairing, color touchscreen

What reviewers say: "I loved my first Garmin, I really really love my new one! It tracks just about everything, you can wear it in the shower, to water aerobics...it even lets me know when my cell phone is ringing and who's calling when it's on silent! It also tells me when to get up and move...I just love it!" — DJames

XZHI Fitness Tracker HR $33

Features: blood pressure and heart rate measurement, smartphone pairing, color screen, all-day activity watch, waterproof

What reviewers say: "This watch has been a life changer for me. I am more aware of how much I walk. If I sit for too long, the sedentary reminder keeps me moving. I am working every day to reach my goal of 10,000 steps. I have only had one instance where the device and the phone would not sync up, but it did correct itself and I am still loving it." — John F. Pisor

Chereeki Fitness Tracker $38

Features: color screen with adjustable brightness, exercise tracking modes for 14 activities, heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, smartphone pairing

What reviewers say: "Amazing fitness tracker. I expected it to be decent, but it seems like a real bargain to me. I had to trash my previous tracker because I lost the charger which was irreplaceable. Here it is installed in the bracelet, so I can charge it everywhere and don't need to worry about it anymore. The app is very easy to use, the tracker has a very stable connection with the phone, and it has a lot of extra perks I didn't expect to find like adjustable notification. Checked the heart rate measurement with the gym device.

This tracker is pretty accurate. Love the thing." — Tatiana

Dawo Fitness Tracker $30

Features: activity tracking, smartphone pairing, sleep monitoring, blood pressure/oxygen content monitoring and, waterproof

What reviewers say: "The main features of this tracker are of course the step and sleep monitors, which both function pretty well. They're accurate enough for casual use, and the step counter motivates me to reach my goal of 10,000 steps that I wouldn't have had before. The additional functions of call/text notifications are also available ensure I keep on top of things." — Becky

Motiv Ring $200

Features: waterproof, durable titanium, three-day battery life, fitness, sleep, and heart rate monitoring, smartphone pairing, available in seven different ring sizes

What reviewers say: "I ordered the ring and downloaded the android app (in beta, but works fine). I received the ring sizing kit in the mail and then finished my order with my selected ring size. The ring is surprisingly lightweight which is great because I really didn't want a heavy or bulky piece of 'jewerly' (this is the reason I didn't want a watch or bracelet).

"Once you take the ring out of the package you have to pair it with the app— this was really simple and easy. I just plugged the USB adapter (I used my cell phone charger but you can plug into a laptop) and attached the ring (magnetic), and then opened the app. It finished pairing in about a minute. Charging the ring is pretty quick as well (charge lasts me about three days). I've slept, showered, sweat, and washed dishes with the ring on and haven't had any problems. Also, I don't have to keep the app running since the ring stores my data until I sync it, which is great because then my phone battery won't be drained by having another app running.

I'm really enjoying this tracker, it's simple to use, pretty, and comfortable." — walktothewater

Aneken Fitness Tracker $36

Features: waterproof and color screen, heart rate and sleep monitoring, exercise tracking modes for 14 activities, smartphone pairing

What reviewers say: "I've purchased plenty of watches in the past, but this one works the best. It seems to be the most accurate, which is what everyone wants and needs when searching for a fitness tracker. I can’t have my phone on me in my day job so having a key watch like this was very important to me. I highly recommended this one to anyone on the hunt for a great fitness tracker thanks to its accurate numbers, non-lagtime, and 24-hour heart rate monitor." — Andrew

Moov Now Fitness Tracker $57

Features: ultra light, analyzes and coaches your form, measures motion (e.g. landing impact), real-time coaching, six-month battery life, fitness level indication, water- and dust-proof

What reviewers say: "I researched various activity trackers beforehand, so I knew what I was getting with Moov Now. I really like the fact that I don't have to worry about recharging this tracker, I have too many rechargeable gadgets as it is, plus, given that I wear this 24/7 (can't even feel it after a little while), I don't know when I'd have time to recharge it anyway. It doesn't track steps, but it tracks active minutes, which is a more useful metric to me. It also tracks sleep, which has provided me with really good insight into my sleeping patterns.

"It would have been great if it had a heart rate monitor, but I don't really need it, because my body tells me when I working out hard enough, with sweat and heavy breathing. As far as workouts, I haven't even scratched the surface of what this thing can do. I used it to track my swimming statistics, and it was awesome, the stats it provided for my swimming workout were beyond my expectations, and they were very accurate as well (although it does take a few minutes to sync data with the phone after a swim).

I will try running next, to see how the coaching features work. Since I got one for my spouse as well, I might give the boxing workout a try. So far, I haven't had any connectivity issues (using Android on Nexus 5X). The wristband does collect dust, but I just rinse it when I wash my hands, so it stays clean and shiny all day. At the moment, I am very satisfied, Moov Now delivers what it promises." — R. Riva

Misfit Wearables Ray $44

Features: activity, sleep, and calorie tracking; smartphone pairing; waterproof; LED progress display; non-charging with four-month battery life

What reviewers say: "I wanted a tracker that didn't look like a tracker or a watch, and that I wouldn't have to charge on a daily basis. I love that I can swim with this thing. It seems to be pretty accurate for basic activity tracking. I have had it about 6 months now and have had to change the battery once, and will probably have to do it again in the next month or so. For me, changing the battery 3-4 times a year is way better than daily charging. It is comfortable to wear 24 hours a day, and I get so many compliments on my lovely bracelet (no one even knows its a tracker!).

For the low key person who wants a wearable tracker that looks good even in an office environment, I highly recommend this one. It is very affordable too." — sassycass

Fitbit Alta HR $130

Features: PurePulse heartrate, auto sleep tracking and sleep stages, smartphone pairing, cardio fitness level, movement reminders, activity tracking, seven-day battery life, interchangeable bands

What reviewers say: "Wonderful quality—I've had it for two months and, honestly, I have no complaints. It's the perfect size for me width-wise and the small fits well since I have a little wrist. I love that the screen comes on when you flip your wrist which is convenient for the clock without it being visible all the time (and I can casually check the time without being rude!!). I love that the app tracks things—my personal favorites are the steps (of course), the water intake, that I can see my texts and calls on the Fitbit (helpful while at work when I am busy or can't/shouldn't look at my phone), the alarm, and the sleep tracking.

The heart rate is definitely neat but not really helpful after the coolness wears off after a month or so. There are other features, but I use those on a daily basis. Battery lasts several days, maybe four or so depending on what features you have turned on/off." — Amber

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