12 Best Instagram Stars To Follow for Serious Fitness Inspo

Updated 04/27/19

Ever get tired of the same old workout routine? Or you're bored of what you're doing in the gym and just not seeing results? Well, have we got a treat for you. As lovers of health and fitness (and chocolate-covered pretzels, although that's another story), we like nothing better than scrolling through our Insta feeds and checking out what our favourite fitness people have been up to, so we can see if we can score any tricks and tips for boosting our workouts and meal plans. 

Whether that's a new diet to help us get into shape that will aid lean muscles or just a new and improved gym session idea, there are plenty of people on Instagram that will motivate you too. As a starting point, we thought it best to introduce you to 12 of our favourites, who constantly push the boundaries when it comes to fitness. 

Click through our gallery below for our pick of the 12 best fitness Instagram accounts and why you need to follow them stat!


Anna Victoria

Why follow: The creator of The Fit Body Guides, Victoria's Insta feed is full of those familiar before and after shots of people who have successfully followed her plan and now look and feel fantastic. She also does brilliant mini workouts, such as this one, on her account which means you can get fit even easier (and it's free). 

Followers: 1 million.


Why follow: If you know anything about Bodyism, you'll probably think of those stretchy bands (pictured). They are incredible for helping tone muscles (we've tried and tested and they are good). On the Instagram account, you'll find tricks such as this on how to use the band and also why it's good for you. You can also buy Bodyism founder James Duigan's Clean & Lean Diet: The Bestselling Book on Achieving Your Perfect Body (£9).

Followers: 33.3k


Hannah Bronfman

Why follow: Where do we start? Other than being a major fitness crush of ours, Bronfman's enthusiasm and energy for staying fit is enough to get even the most staunch hater of exercise pumped about working out. 

Followers: 331k.


Cassey Ho

Why follow: Cassey Ho of Blogilates is often super honest in her mini blog posts on her Insta account. She recently revealed that she'd got back into running and how she's maximised her fitness by doing interval training. And that's just one way she'll make you think about fitness differently.

Followers: 1.3 million.


Carly Rowena

Why follow: While Carly might have an enviable bod, she's also realistic when it comes to achieving your goals. As she says "Healthy is whatever feeling good means to you, last night I felt great holding a cocktail, today I feel great holding a dumbbell". Amen to that.

Followers: 87.2k.


Cat Meffan

Why follow: Yoga teacher Cat Meffan might strike a good pose, but she's also great at dishing out the advice. Whether that's about posture or what she eats to keep fueled, there's a tonne of stuff you can learn right here.

Followers: 45k.


Shona Vertue

Why follow: Other than her incredible yoga stunts, we love Shona for her honesty about the struggles that she faces and also teaching us how to approach the right exercise for ourselves: "It's more about acknowledging what exercise does and doesn't feel good for your body".

Followers: 51.1k.


Kayla Itsines

Why follow: If you're looking for motivation then Kayla Itsines is your woman. Even better, if you want to follow her program, you don't need a gym membership—you can do it from wherever you are in the world

Followers: 5.5 million.


Zanna van Dijk

Why follow: While London-based blogger Zanna van Dijk is obsessed with working out, she's also great at offering advice on what to eat, we especially love this breakfast bowl. She also does workouts on her Instagram stories.

Followers: 119k.


Clean Eating Alice

Why follow: As you can imagine Clean Eating Alice pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin. But when has that been a bad thing? If you're looking to improve your diet but you don't want boring food, then this is the place for you.

Followers: 396k.


Joe Wicks

Why follow: We'll be surprised if you hadn't heard of Joe Wicks, founder of the phenomenon that is The Body Coach, but if you haven't then we suggest you follow immediately. You can, of course, sign up for Joe's 90-day plan, but his Insta feed is also full of handy tips. From healthy recipes to sweet and short workouts

Follwers: 1.3 million.


Jen Selter

Why follow: Although she's pretty famous for her butt, Jen Selter's not just about that. She also posts up when she's got a new workout up on her blog. And, you know, she's total #bikinigoals. 

Followers: 9.7 million.

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