6 "Tummy-Filling" Foods a Health Expert Wants You to Eat More Of

Updated 06/11/18

With the season of sunshine and beach days here in full force, health goals tend to rise to the top of mind. If you're looking to reset your diet and make smarter decisions when it comes to food, we've found an Instagram account that'll fill your feed with smart advice and inspiration.

Sarah Duff is a lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness coach. She created Instagram account @sarahdufflifestyleandfitness to teach her followers about health and wellness in a simple, easy-to-understand format. In a recent post, Duff breaks down six foods she recommends for staying full and satiated, which is important for keeping up with any healthy lifestyle. "Well think about it, if feeling hungry is something which causes you to struggle when you are trying to adhere to your diet, surely eating more of these high satiety foods is nothing short of genius," Duff writes in a caption.

Build your meals around these healthy foods to kick-start your summer health goals.

Meat and Fish

According to Duff, foods that are high in protein will help keep you fuller longer. Fill up on meat and fish like chicken, turkey, and salmon.

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Greek Yogurt or Cottage Cheese

Greek yogurt and cottage cheese are great breakfast options that will keep you full straight through lunch. Dress them up with fruits and nuts to add even more fiber to the meal.

Greek Yogurt
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Another delicious and filling healthy morning option, oatmeal is low in energy density, which Duff explains is key for staying full.

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Vegetables are also low in energy density. Be sure to add them to your meals for a healthy side or incorporate them as your main dish.

Vegetable Bowl
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Soup is also on Duff's list of the best filling foods. Enjoy a warm bowl that will keep you satisfied long after you finish it.

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Boiled Potato

Finally, boiled potatoes will have a far better impact on how full you feel after eating them compared to other carbohydrates. Duff compares eating boiled potatoes to eating a croissant. While potatoes will satisfy your hunger for an extended amount of time, a croissant is filling in the moment but will quickly leave you hungry again.

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Add these six filling foods to your grocery list to kick-start your summer health goals and spend less time feeling hungry throughout the day.

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