These Are the 7 Best False Lashes, According to Byrdie Editors

In high school, I loved wearing bold and bright eye looks, whether that meant a swipe of emerald green eyeliner or a dusting of copper shadow diffused across my eyelids. However, I didn't wear these types of looks often, mostly because I could rarely get them to look the way I wanted them to without reaching for an exorbitant amount of eyeliner and multiple coats of volumizing mascara.

It wasn't until I tried on my first set of false lashes in college that I realized what the problem was. I craved dark, bold, and fluttery lashes to pair with a standout eye look, and my fine and thin ones weren't cutting it. (That's why I resorted to so much eyeliner and mascara—combining both products gave me the illusion of thicker and more dramatic lashes.) That's when my appreciation of falsies were born.

Nowadays I don't wear them every day. In fact, I only wear them occasionally. This is thanks to two things, the first being that I'm more comfortable in my own skin and I've come to accept my fine and feathery lashes for what they are. The second is thanks to some seriously amazing mascara formulas. But even so, there are a few occasions when some extra drama is needed. That's why I reached out to Byrdie editors to hear about their favorite false lashes brands and products. Let's just say my current collection has grown by seven pairs.