The Best Fall Fragrances Ever, According to Byrdie Editors

As the northern hemisphere begins to tilt further away from the sun, the air gets crisper, and the days become shorter, we start seeking out cozy aromas that wrap us up like a cashmere sweater. The fruity, floral scents we wore last season are pushed slightly farther back on our vanities to make way for heady, smoky variations—the kind of notes that mimic autumn's gray skies, golden foliage, and the painful yet beautiful deterioration of summer's bright, flourishing vegetation.

It's an exciting swap for us to make, as fall fragrances usually translate to those that are cozier and bolder and emulate the best part of the colder seasons—fires, big sweaters, leaves crunching beneath you as you walk around, warm beverage in hand. In preparation for the cooler months, we've rounded up the best fall scents you almost won't want to cover up with a scarf.