12 Cozy Fragrances That Smell Like Fall

While we can certainly respect those who stick to one signature scent all year (power to you!), for the rest of us, there’s something kind of great about letting your fragrance evolve with the seasons. That bubbly, citrus-infused eau de toilette might scream July, but doesn’t it feel a tad out of place in the chilly September air?

And autumn is a particularly good time to embrace a sumptuous new scent, since it’s such a sensory season. Crisp air, crunchy leaves, chimney smoke—autumn is like the Hallmark card of fragrance. And dousing ourselves in a cozy fragrance that embodies it all can be as glorious as throwing on your favorite sweater for the first time since March. With this in mind, we made it our mission to track down the scents that are most evocative of all the things we love most about the season.

Now, before we get into it, we just want to recognize that it is exceedingly difficult to shop for a fragrance online, since we're still waiting on that much-needed invention that allows you to smell things through your computer screen (where is the app for that?). But until that day comes, we decided that the best way to give you an idea of what these smell like beyond just listing the fragrance notes is to give each formula a fall characterization—the vibe created from first spritz to dry-down. This also means that whether you’re a #PSL junkie or you live for October hikes, there's something here for you.