The Best Bath Products for Anyone in Need of Some Serious R&R

Is there anything that a good soak can't cure? We're not sure. But we do know that the best bath requires the best products. From considering scent to formula to overall aesthetic, we make it our mission to round out our bath routine with the best of the best of soaps and salts to oils and scrubs. (We'd also be lying if we said there wasn't a generous pour of wine and an Adele song or two.)

Like therapy—a weekly or nightly bath ritual that forces us to slow down, breathe, and just be. It also happens to be the perfect antidote for a bad case of the Sunday Scaries or a particularly stressful day at the office. And with a little help from our editors here at Byrdie HQ, you can step out of the tub even more gorgeous than when you climbed in—whether you're headed for drinks or your duvet. Ready to relax? These are the best (and only) bath products you'll need in your rotation.

Krigler Lovely Patchouli 55 Soap $41

Rich in luxury, lather, and history (it's the signature scent of Jackie Onassis), this opulent soap raises the bar come bath time. Plus, thanks to the creamy formula, you can even rub it into your pulse points for a dose of something extra.

French Girl Sea Polish $40

Our wellness editor Victoria Hoff couldn't stop talking about this exfoliator from all-natural brand French Girl. Not only does the rosemary and mint scent smell out of this world, but the formula is also certified organic and one of the most exfoliating (and hydrating) we've tried.

Fig + Yarrow Bath + Body Oil $34

Soothing for any skin type, this woodsy elixir sets the tone for fall. Its rich blend of oils (hemp, avocado, olive, and grape) will help keep both your skin (and mind!) blissfully clear all season long.

Aerin Beauty Tuberose Luxuriant Body Wash
Aerin Tuberose Luxuriant Body Wash $61

Delicate in fragrance and easy on even the most sensitive of skin, this luxe body wash from Aerin is one of the best for replenishing skin with moisture, especially after exposure to chillier temperatures. Yes, it's spendy, but we'd argue that it's definitely worth the splurge.

Replica Beach Walk Perfumed Dry Body Oil
Maison Margiela Beach Walk Perfumed Dry Body Oil $60

We could hardly contain ourselves when we first laid eyes on this nourishing dry oil from Maison Margiela; it's one of our favorite fragrances. Apply it to the skin during or post-bath and you'll be left with lingering notes of bergamot, coconut milk, lemon, pink pepper, and musk. We love it all year long but happen to think it's best come fall.

Herbivore Botanicals 'Calm' Bath Salts
Herbivore Botanicals Herbivore Botanicals 'Calm' Bath Salts $18

With calming hints of vanilla and ylang-ylang, these dead sea salts from the vegan beauty brand Herbivore are some of the best we've ever had. For the ultimate bathing ritual, simply sprinkle and soak.

Fresh Zodiac Sign Soap $15

Frankly, the simple fact that these silky soap bars are inspired by the signs of the zodiac is enough to send us over the edge. Artisinal wrapping and unique flavor notes are just an added bonus. Plus, they're limited-edition, so may we suggest getting one for every month?

Hot Tub Bath
Pursoma Hot Tub Bath $36

As much as we love the transition to fall, cooler temperatures and changing seasons always seem to precipitate runny noses and congestion. However, these life-saving bath minerals from Pursoma help alleviate even the worst cold symptoms, from body aches to fatigue to sinus pain.

Lush Milky Bath Bubble Bar $8

No best-of-bath roundup could ever be complete sans this soapy staple from the experts at Lush. Infused with softening agents like cocoa butter, olive oil, and soy milk, it's going to be on standby for the entire season.

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