This French Face Oil Gave Me Dewy Skin

I told you all about my recent conversion to full-on dewy skin devotion—and since then, I haven't wavered. I live by the rule that you can't ever hoard enough highlighters, and glowy, dewy foundation is my kryptonite. Now, though, a new power player has come into my arsenal and topped my list of favorites.

It's called L'Occitane Immortelle Divine Youth Oil ($100), and it's a blend of 100 percent natural oils (seven natural plant oils selected for their high concentration of essential fatty acids, to be specific) meant to hydrate, improve visible signs of aging, and refresh your complexion. What the label on the back of the packing doesn't tell you, however, is it completely transforms your skin when you apply it on top of your makeup.

L'Occitane Immortelle Divine Youth Oil


BEST FOR: Dry or dull-looking skin prone to fine lines—or if you’re looking for extra glow

USES: Seal in moisture, plump skin, add glow

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Immortelle essential oil, sunflower seed oil, squalane


PRICE: $100

ABOUT THE BRAND: L'Occitane offers beauty and grooming products featuring essential oils and natural ingredients from the South of France. In all formulas, the brand explores the principles of phytotherapy (treatment through plants) and aromatherapy.

L'Occitane Immortelle Divine Youth Oil
L'Occitane Immortelle Divine Youth Oil $100.00

How to Apply: A little goes a long way

Yes, I'm advocating for first applying foundation and then applying a facial oil on top. Well, if I'm following the instructions of Lucy Primrose, L'Occitane's education lead, I use just two drops of the oil (a little goes a long way) and lightly pat it into my skin. I like to use it if my face feels a bit dry or puffy (after a night out) or if I don't have my go-to 3Lab Aqua BB Cream ($110) on hand to add a bit of glowiness to a different formula. It's especially lovely to apply midday when your makeup looks less than perfect and you need a quick—and fragrant (it smells like a bouquet of wild immortelle flowers)—pick-me-up.

The Results: Radiant, glowy skin

Immediately, my face brightens up. Any dullness or fatigue disappears, and left in its wake is truly radiant, glowing skin. The formula melts so seamlessly into my skin in the most natural of ways; it makes it so my face looks like I'm not wearing anything at all (but, you know, less blotchy than that would be in real life).

The Value: Offers both skincare and aesthetic value

Here's the thing: Obviously $100 is a lot of money to spend on a facial oil. That said, I think it has immense value—it's clean, luxurious, anti-aging, and offers immediate aesthetic value.

Another piece of information to note, now that I've got your attention, is L'Occitane partnered with expert local farmers to launch the company's first-ever organic cultivation of immortelle, which makes this product all the more attractive to my skincare routine and my burgeoning interest in clean beauty.

Our Verdict: Buy it

So there you have it. Sometimes applying your beauty products the "wrong" way yields even more exciting results. The thing is, you can also use it as a skincare product—its intended use—for even more value. I empower you to try it and a few other tricks we've learned over the years.

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