Editors' Picks: 10 Face Oils That Will Save Your Dry Winter Skin

A few weeks ago, I touched butts with Jennifer Lawrence—well, sort of. I was lying in a bed she had apparently laid in just a few days earlier. No, it wasn’t her actual bed (that would be creepy, even for me), but rather the bed in celebrity esthetician Georgia Louise’s atelier in New York’s Upper East Side. I was about to receive a bespoke facial from Louise, but first she asked me if I had any particular skin concerns. I told her that I was confused by my skin, which I’ve always assumed was oily but lately seemed to have a mind of its own by debuting random dry patches on the daily. My normal moisturizers didn’t seem to be working—even the heavy-duty ones I usually reserved for the winter months. “You should try using a face oil,” Louise remarked. I was surprised. I had hopped on the face oil bandwagon a few years ago but for some reason or another had slowly gone back to using cream-based products—probably because I lived in L.A. at the time, and face oils felt heavy for my oily, combo skin.

That night, I went home and pulled out my Mara Universal Face Oil and massaged it into my face instead of my go-to nighttime moisturizer. When I woke up, my skin was clear, bright, and hydrated, with none of the tightness I had been experiencing before. Unsurprisingly, Louise was right. If you’re finding that your normal moisturizer isn’t doing the trick, a face oil can replenish dehydrated skin because it’s able to deliver vital fatty acids and seal in moisture. With that in mind, I’m sharing 10 face oils Team Byrdie swears by. Keep scrolling for the best nourishing face oils to use during the cold winter months.