Celebrities Are All Obsessed With These 2 Moisturizers—but One Is $150 Cheaper

Interrogating celebrities for their skincare secrets is possibly our single favorite thing to do here at Byrdie. Whenever we get even two minutes to sit down with a celeb, coaxing them to dish about what products and treatments they attribute to their dreamlike glow are at the top of our priority list. (Along with snagging a photo for the 'gram, of course.)

Recently, while reviewing a few of our recent celebrity skincare recommendations, we noticed a pattern that we had to share with you: A truly startling number of celebs—from Beyoncé to Chrissy Teigen to Kristen Stewart—all use one of two specific moisturizers. In other words, the beautiful people of Hollywood seem to have two choice face creams that they purchase time and time again, above all others. The interesting part, however, is that these two products have a price difference of over $150.

Curious to know the two (wildly different) moisturizers that dozens of celebrities are obsessed with? Keep scrolling to find out.