The Face Mists That Save Our Skin During Long Flights

Don't get me wrong: Being a frequent jet-setter is fun and all, until you walk off of your flight with dry skin and chapped lips. Other than the circulation of air provided by the plane, flights are completely moisture-free, which means your skin cells are overly thirsty. In turn, the moisture-free air is pulling air from wherever's available—including your skin. Our skin cells need hydration to look and feel alive. So this is exactly why if you have dry skin, it will feel drier on a flight, and if you have oily skin it will feel even oilier. 

A lot of other weird things happen to our skin when it's experiencing the humidity of a dessert on a plane: breakouts, dullness, post-flight puffiness, and more. To salvage your stressed-out skin when your thousands of feet up in the air, you should keep a beauty bag of key essentials. As beauty editors, we have a lot of opinions about what you should pack on a flight, one of those being face mists. Keep your in-flight beauty routine lit with refreshing mists that'll give your skin a moist glow-up in seconds. Ditch the dryness and opt for spritzing your skin with a moisturizing mist that'll do two things: mentally transport your cramped body to a different place with calming scents and, most importantly, offer suppler, dewier, more hydrated skin. Confirmed: These are the 15 best face mists for flying.