Celebs, Makeup Artists, and Byrdie Editors Agree: This Face Mist Is So Worth It



Face mists are a beautiful thing—a way for anyone to conveniently engage in a skincare routine without actually committing to a several-step regimen. (No other product allows you to douse your skin with some hydration in the middle of the day without messing up your makeup.) That being said, let's be clear that not all hydrosols are created equal. Not only is it helpful to choose a product with ingredients that suit your skin type, but additives like alcohol and other chemicals can also ultimately dry out and mess with your complexion—the exact opposite of what you're trying to accomplish.

Still, when you consider the fact that face mists are ultimately water mixed with botanical essences, it might be easy to balk at a steep price tag—we certainly won't argue with that—that is, except in the case of May Lindstrom's The Jasmine Garden ($70), which industry pros and beauty editors agree is a major outlier in the slightly oversaturated face mist market.