As Much as I Love Serums, Nothing Has Had More of an Effect on My Skin Than This

Updated 04/19/19
best face massage roller: woman with glowy skin

I'm Shannon Peter, and I'm obsessed with face massage rollers. Yes, skincare can be magical stuff: Vitamin C serums can brighten a complexion seemingly overnight, collagen-infused sheet masks can leave cheeks bouncier than a White Company pillow, and face mists? Well, nothing can lift the face (and mood) from a 3 p.m. slump quite the same way.

But my favourite skincare product isn't a gloopy, silky, liquid formula at all: It's a face massage roller. I've already extolled the virtues of the jade roller over here, and you'll rarely see a skincare post on my Instagram that doesn't feature one, but my love for the device has since opened up the doors on the wider face-roller world, and I've come to realise there's a whole range of tools offering a multitude of things. 

From helping along the absorption of the actives within your facial routine, to clearing tension in the facial muscles, draining areas of built-up puffiness to cooling stressed-out skin, I swear these little things are so handy, I would never go a night without one—and I reckon you shouldn't either. Below, I've pulled out the best face massage rollers on the market right now. Use one, and tell me you don't see a massive difference.

best face massage roller: Jade Facial Roller
Yu Ling Jade Facial Roller $22

Still my favourite way to roll my face, a jade roller offers cooling and calming benefits as well as increased serum absorption and lymphatic drainage. I use mine every night before bed, and I swear it's made a hell of a difference to my skin's clarity and brightness. A major glow-up indeed.

best face massage roller: Stacked Skincare Micro Exfoliating Roller
Stacked Skincare Micro Exfoliating Roller $26

Derma-rolling sounds scary (I mean, who likes the idea of running a wheel of tiny needles across the face?), but I swear it doesn't hurt. It feels like tiny little nettle stings, and each needle pierces a channel in the outer layer of the skin, helping whichever serum you use alongside it penetrate better. For a noticeable change in brightness, use it alongside a vitamin C serum.

best face massage roller: Nurse Jamie UpLift Facial Massaging Beauty Roller
Nurse Jamie UpLift Facial Massaging Beauty Roller $55

It doesn't look like your average roller, but flip Nurse Jamie's tool on the side and use it to gently massage cheeks upwards to reveal cheekbones you never knew you had. Read our full review of this Nurse Jamie device here.

best face massage roller: Sarah Chapman Facialift
Sarah Chapman Facialift $28

The spokes on Sarah Chapman's roller gently catch the skin and lift it upwards, working muscles just like a foam roller does for the glutes. The result is firmer, plumper skin, so it's great if you've started to notice a loss in volume.

best face massage roller: The Body Shop Facial Massager
The Body Shop Facial Massager $8

For anyone new to rolling, this affordable offering from The Body Shop massages the deeper layers of the skin better than your fingertips ever could and is great for releasing tension in the jawline.

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