11 Face Mask Chains We're Seeing Everywhere

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Best Face Mask Chains

Byrdie / Lecia Landis

A lot has changed in a year. Before March 2020, it would’ve been tough for any of us to believe we’d ever see a day where face masks would be a basic necessity for going about daily life. But flash forward a year, and not only have face masks bridged the gap into a veritable accessory, with more and more stylish options out there than ever before, but we’ve even figured out a way to make them more of a fashion statement. Enter the face mask chain. Equal parts fashionable and functional, these necklace-style chains one) ensure that you never misplace your mask and two) are ideal in scenarios when you’re taking it on and off repeatedly and don’t want to put it down on a potentially grimy surface.

In short, it’s well-worth considering upping your face mask game with a stylish face mask chain. These are some of our favorites.

I Dream of Jewels CoCo Luxury Face Mask Chain Holder

CoCo Luxury Face Mask Chain Holder

Byrdie Commerce Director Jessica Mahgerefteh loves this dual-material option. Faux leather (choose from black, pink, or natural) is interwoven with a gold chain; the black can also be paired with silver. The lobster claw clasps attach perfectly to face mask straps, as well as glasses.

Price at time of publish: $18

HappiBox Face Mask Chain

Happi Box Face Mask Chain

A recent Amazon search for ‘face mask chain’ yielded over 3,000 results. If you’re not in the mood to scroll and cull through all of those, do yourself a favor and just add this one to your cart. There are plenty of options to choose from, ranging from acrylic to leather to different colored metals. They range in size too, from 25 to 30 inches; there’s also a kids’ size that’s 22 inches. Regardless, the reviews speak for themselves, with shoppers raving about all of the versions.

Lele Sadoughi Faux Pearl Mask Chain

Lele Sadoughi Faux Pearl Mask Chain .jpeg

We’ve seen some chic face mask chains, but none quite like this one. The faux pearl version, another of Jessica Magerefteh’s faves, screams sophistication and just begs to be paired with a black turtleneck and red lip. Sure, it’s on the pricier side, but given that you’re wearing your face mask daily, it’s well worth the price when you consider the cost per wear...

Price at time of publish: $75

Gelareh Mizari KiraKira Face Covering Chain Strap

Gelareh Mizari KiraKira Face Covering Chain Strap

It’s hard for us to not look at this mask chain and smile. There’s something about the vibrant, rainbow-hued beaded design that brings us right back to the summer camp days of our childhood, in the best way possible. Mahgerefteh loves the whimsy pick, which adds a fun pop of color to any mask (or outfit).

Price at time of publish: $55

Piera Bijoux Design Acrylic Link Mask Chain

Piera Bijoux Design Acrylic Link Mask Chain

We love these handmade, acrylic chains, boldly and chunky options that are great when you want to make a statement or want a mask chain that could easily double as a legit necklace. They come in a variety of different colors and patterns, 21 to be exact, ranging from clear to tortoiseshell to turquoise.

Price at time of publish: $25

JJ Crafts Masks Face Mask Lanyard

JJ Crafts Mask Face Mask Lanyard

Made of a soft, cotton-poly blend, these are a great alternative to harder acrylic or metal options that you probably don’t want bumping against your chest during a workout. Choose from pretty much any color imaginable; we also appreciate that they’re machine-washable, a must if you’re going to be sporting one during a sweat sesh.

Price at time of publish: $6

Second Wind Detachable Cuban Link Chain in Gold

Second Wind Detachable Cuban Link Chain in Gold

This is a must-have for Byrdie Senior Editor Hallie Gould. The 23-inch chain is plated in 18kt gold, featuring a classic 4mm looped chain design. Think of it as the LBD of mask chains—it goes with anything, can easily be dressed up or down, and you’re sure to get plenty of wear out of it.

Price at time of publish: $45

1928 Jewelry Silver Tone Chain Mask Holder

1928 Jewelry Silver Tone Chain Mask Holder

For some reason, it’s much easier to find gold-toned mask chains than it is silver, making this standout all the more noteworthy. The clean and classic silver chain is exactly that, simple and classic (and handmade in the USA, we might add). Also nice: It boasts a 22-inch length, slightly shorter than many of the others on this list, ideal for those who don’t want their chain dangling very low on their chest.

Dear Soho Face Mask Chain

Dear Soho Face Mask Chain

Searching for an option that’s different than the standard metallic finish? These acrylic chains come in some basic neutrals, but also more outside-of-the-box hues and patterns, think a marbled white, deep forest green, and two shades of turquoise. They’re 100% allergy-free, and happy reviewers rave about how lightweight they are.

Price at time of publish: $18

Bauble Bar Pisa Mask Chain

Bauble Bar Pisa Mask Chain

Don’t want to shell out big bucks for something that we (*hopefully*) won’t have to be used for much longer? We get it. Enter this wallet-friendly pick, another recommendation of Mahgerefteh’s. The gold plated chain is simple and chic, and also hypoallergenic, a major boon for those who may have sensitivities to certain metals often-used as gold alternatives. It comes with a lobster clasp, as well as detachable clear rubber loops should you want to use it as a chain for your sunnies.

Hommer Adjustable Face Mask Lanyard

Hommer Adjustable Face Mask Lanyard

Another great cloth option, this lanyard style boasts an adjustable cord that makes it easy to achieve your desired length. Reviewers repeatedly comment on how much they love the thin width of the cord, and that it doesn’t snag on clothing. Plus, you get 12 (in 12 different colors) for $12—yes, you did that math correctly, they’re just $1 apiece.

Final Verdict

A face mask chain is an easy way to make wearing a mask feel more like a fashion choice than a chore. The I Dream of Jewels CoCo Luxury Face Mask Chain Holder is one of our favorites, combining leather and metal. If you want to go with a classic metallic pick, the Second Wind Detachable Cuban Link Chain in Gold is another team Byrdie fave, whereas the Piera Bijoux Design Acrylic Link Mask Chain is our go-to acrylic choice.

What to Look For in a Face Mask Chain


Generally speaking, your choices are metal (typically gold- or silver-plated), acrylic, or cloth. Each with its own pros and cons, it really comes down to a matter of personal preference, though there are some things to consider. Metallic ones typically look dressier and more like jewelry, whereas acrylic options are lighter. Cloth ones are obviously the softest, and free of any potential allergens that may be in some of the other ones.


Most chain lengths range anywhere from 22 to 29 inches, standard length.


Make sure the clasps are small enough to attach to the loops of the type of face mask you typically wear.

  • Why should I use a face mask chain?

    Aside from being a pretty cool added accessory, face mask chains allow you to freely take your mask on and off without the risk of setting it down anywhere it could come in contact with germs. Additionally, it’s a good way to ensure you don’t lose your mask. 

  • How long should my face mask chain be?

    In general, most face mask chains are between 22 and 29 inches.

  • How do you attach your face mask chain?

    Simply attach the clasps to your mask’s ear straps, then put your chain around your neck.

Why Trust Byrdie?

Byrdie contributor Melanie Rud has over a decade of experience in the beauty industry, writing for some of the biggest magazines and websites out there. She recently got on board the face mask chain and is still astounded by how game-changing they really are.

According to our Diversity Pledge, 15% of products in our newly-published market roundups will feature Black-owned and/or Black-founded brands. At the time of publishing, we were not able to find any face mask chains from a Black-owned and/or Black-founded business. If you know of one we should consider, please email us at contact@byrdie.com and we will evaluate the product ASAP.

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