Adding This One Thing to Your Masking Routine Might Change Everything

You probably look forward to the time you get to spoil your skin with a mask. Masks are arguably one of my favorite beauty indulgences—I unabashedly and obsessively mask three to four times a week with different formulas depending on how my skin is feeling that day. Most of the time my skin comes out looking its best post-mask in my tiny apartment bathroom, no spa necessary. But there's one thing I credit with making my masking session feel even more legit: a face mask brush.

Before you roll your eyes at this extra step in your masking routine, hear me out. Have you ever thought about all the dirt, oil, and grime you're transporting onto your skin when you apply a mask with your hands? Even after you wash your hands, it's still there. Applying your mask with a clean brush lowers the chances of any of that gross stuff sticking to your skin and makes your process even more pure with special spa-like feels. With a mask brush, you'll find yourself using way less product because it's so much easier to distribute an even, thin layer onto your skin. Not to mention that it cuts your cleanup time in half because it's not all over your hands and sink. Plus, it makes your masking session feel so zen. There's something about applying a mask with a brush that feels 10 times better. The next time one of your masks comes with a brush, don't throw it out. Or even better, cop one of the below mask brushes and watch how good this extra step feels.