This Is the Makeup You Should Avoid When It's Super Hot Out

Photo: Urban Outfitters

No matter where you live, summertime can be brutal. Between the humidity, the high temperatures, and the commute (right, New Yorkers?)—you’re bound to run into a makeup meltdown at least once. In fact, I’ve already run into a few this week, and it’s only Tuesday. So we put together a little guide to help you make it to fall without sweating into a puddle and ruining your makeup (or losing your mind) in the process.

I talked to a few lovely celebrity makeup artists who know how to deal all too well. Think flashing lights on the red carpet in 90-degree weather. Trust us: They’re experts, and now you can be too! Below, find every product you shouldn’t use during a heat wave, plus the offering to replace it with.

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