Your Ultimate Guide to Face Brushes (and Which Ones Are Worth Buying)



Beauty devices have been around for hundreds of years (check out these terrifying yet fascinating vintage beauty tools for proof), but the market is only increasing. In fact, according to the research and consulting firm Kline & Company, facial cleansing brushes made up around 40% of the at-home skincare devices market in 2011—and it's been growing ever since. What consumers find so cool about face brushes is that the rotating or pulsating bristles offer a much deeper, more thorough clean than makeup wipes or your hands. Clarisonic's famous marketing claim is that its brushes work exactly six times better at cleaning than your hands alone. 

Speaking of Clarisonic: That's probably the face brush brand most beauty consumers are familiar with, but it's not the only one. Curious to find the best makeup brush for you? Keep scrolling for the seven best face brushes—priced from $25 to $199—and all available on Amazon.