5 Eyeliners That Won't Irritate Sensitive Eyes

Woman applies mascara in a mirror

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If genetics left you with delicate eyes or an annoying contact lens prescription, this doesn't mean you can't be as broody or catty with your eye makeup as your current mood desires. There's a whole world of products out there that claim to be "sensitive," "smudge-proof," and "hypo-allergenic," but as we're sure you know, they don't all actually work. Luckily, we found a few that do—and it seems, aside from the inexplicable sorcery behind YSL, it's all about the ingredients involved, not application preference.

Keep scrolling for five eyeliners that will let you express yourself cosmetically without red, itchy, and runny eyes.

Vapour Organic Beauty eye definer
Vapour Organic Beauty Eye Definer $25

Vapour's Eye Definer offers bold definition and blendable color. Plus, it's made with marula oil and shea butter so it conditions skin rather than causing irritation. It's also unscented—a bonus for those with allergies to harsh perfumes and scents.

Bobbi Brown long-wear gel eye liner
Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner $27

The range of shades in Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner ensures there's a hue for whatever look you're after. This gel liner is also highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way. You'll need to invest in an eyeliner brush, since the product comes in a pot, but the application process ensures this liner has staying power.

INIKA all natural pencil eyeliner
INIKA Certified Organic Eye Liner $20

INIKA's all-natural, vegan pencil liner is hypoallergenic, so easily irritated eyes are safe. Despite containing no toxins, the product still offers a smooth application and rich shades that make for intense, but natural pops of color.

NVEY high definition cake eyeliner is made with chamomile and contains no toxins.
Nvey Eco High Definition Cake Eyeliner $20

In addition to being talc-free, Nvey Eco's powder liner contains chamomile, so it soothes the skin when applied. The company sources its own raw materials, making for a selection of shades that are super-saturated.

Yves Saint Laurent Effet Faux Cils Bold Felt-Tip Eyeliner Pen
Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Effet Faux Cils Bold Felt-Tip Eyeliner Pen $34

A felt tip allows for precision in Yves Saint Laurent's eyeliner pen, which comes in colors ranging from jet black to deep blue. The water-based formula doesn't flake, so particles won't irritate eyes, and it claims to last for up to 12 hours.

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