Serviced: The Best Places to Get Eyelash Extensions in L.A.

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Tired of not knowing where to go to get your hair, makeup, and nails done? Serviced is the Byrdie-approved guide to the best treatments in your city, all vetted and approved by editors and beauty insidersso you'll never leave with post-salon regret.

Over the last few years, the eyelash extensions industry has boomed to monolithic proportions. Answering to women’s increasingly busy lifestyles and desires for effortless I-woke-up-like-this beauty, lash technology has increased dramatically, and last year ABC News reported that by 2024, it will have grown into a $1.5 billion market. In a hyper image-conscious town like L.A., you can’t walk down a city block (not like anyone actually does that) without coming across a boutique or salon that touts the service. But for every legit lash studio, there are a dozen performing sub-optimal work, just trying to cash in on the hype.

So many Angelenos struggle to cut through the noise and find the actual best eyelash extensions places in L.A.—boutiques with well-trained artists (whom you actually want to spend 1-2 hours with), a menu of high-quality services, clean professional spaces, and prices that reflect the level of work but also won’t screw you over. For answers, I tapped my beauty industry friends who are well-versed in L.A.’s lash extensions scene. In no particular order, here are our picks for where to go for flawless, fluttery eyelash extensions in Los Angeles.

GBY Beauty

Locations: West Hollywood & Silver Lake

East siders and west siders can equally enjoy this trendy, mid-priced spot with locations in both WeHo and Silver Lake. It’s where two of my coolest beauty insider friends, Versed skincare co-founder Melanie Bender and Byrdie writer Aiden Arata, personally go to procure consistently flirty-but-not-fake-looking lashes. As Aiden tells me, “Thanks to my super sensitive eyes and inability to stay still for more than three minutes, I'm not exactly an ideal candidate for lash extensions. Enter GBY: the cool space offers high-quality products and speedy service—without sacrificing attention to detail—so I walk away with soft, lush, doll-like lashes.” Melanie adds a word on their unique Active Lash Service: “It uses a special adhesive and lasts longer than traditional extensions. That makes them great for folks like me who work out a lot since sweat and multiple face-washing sessions break down the glue faster.” (P.S. GBY has a huge menu of other cool beauty offerings, from brow lamination and lip blushing to tattooed freckles and 24k gold tooth gems.)

Full set: $125-$195; fills: $75-$145

Blink Bar

Locations: West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Calabasas, Hermosa Beach

As its name suggests, this chain is essentially the Drybar of lash extensions. They’ve got their well-trained staff, an extensive menu of lash services/styles/materials, and perfectly appointed pink decor down pat. Throughout their many convenient locations, Blinkbar runs like a well-oiled machine, and I’ve always been pleased with the painless experience and lovely results. (Most beauty editors I know have also tried and approved of this place… Kirbie Johnson of Popsugar fame has named it as a fav). We would recommend this convenient spot to those needing quality extensions applied swiftly and professionally at a reasonable price point.   

Full set: $130-$320; fills: $70-$165

Iris + West Lash Co.

Location: Hollywood

This best-kept-secret lash boutique, hidden in a cozy suite off La Brea, is independently owned and operated by a small team of ladies so skilled and delightful that lashes aside, I look forward to my appointments just to hang out with them. (Shoutout to owner Amanda and her right-hand gal Anais, whom I literally started calling my “second therapist”... her 10/10 life advice alone is worth the money.) At $125 for a classic full set and $70 for fills, this place is definitely one of the more affordable lash spots in town. (They also do lifts, brow lamination, and mobile services.) Folks partial to naturally pretty results that no one would guess were extensions will especially enjoy Iris + West. 

Full set: $125-$215; fills: $70-$110


Beverly Hills Lashes

Location: West Hollywood

A true luxury lash experience comes courtesy of this chicly decorated locale tucked unassumingly off Huntley Drive. (Clearly, the namesake comes from its Beverly Hills feel, not the West Hollywood address.) Lash technicians’ standards here are as high as their prices, and they carefully customize each look according to the client; my results have always struck the perfect balance between natural and dramatic. Also, the owner Gloria Ting, if you’re lucky enough to get lashed by her, is a gem and has a fascinating life story (which makes the appointment fly right by). Those keen on high-end, A-list lashes will fall in love with this pick.

Full set: $200-$300; fills: $100-$150

Bunny’s LA

Location: Highland Park

East-siders searching for a non-basic, neighborhood haunt will dig the vintage vibes and impossibly cool, talented staff at this petite vegan lash studio. Bunny’s owners Megan and Natalie are a sweet stylish duo who just opened their brick-and-mortar shop at the end of 2019. Their groovy ‘70s decor is unique in the lash world, where millennial pink and white marble rule, but Bunny’s meticulous results are up there with the best of ‘em. Hot tip: They also offer Sugarlash Pro’s magnificent CurlPerfect lash lift (a service I’m loving even more than extensions these days) as well as a ton of brow and cosmetic tattooing services, so be sure to check those out if you’re curious.

Full set: $165; fills: $95

The Little Lash Girl

Location: Mid-City

“I am in a very serious and committed relationship with a woman named Courtney Baker. She is not my romantic partner (I have a husband); she is my eyelash extensions lady,” Bustle’s senior beauty editor Sara Tan said of the genius behind The Little Lash Girl. Sara flaunts some of the most gorgeous, fluttery lash extensions I’ve seen, and she owes them to this one-woman show based out of a small studio near The Grove. In addition to Baker’s stunning results (check out her before-and-afters on Instagram), her prices are super affordable, and she offers special discounts for clients who write Yelp reviews and/or post on IG.

Full set: $150-$200; fills: $55-$85

Bombshell Beauty Bar & Lash Lounge

Location: Mid-City

Here’s another beloved, independently-owned business that’s actually located in the same building as The Little Lash Girl. Owner Sabrina is particularly known for her volume service, so if your lash buzzwords include fluffy, lengthened, and full (but still soft, never scary), she’s your gal. Bombshell’s prices are a bit higher, but the reviews are consistently glowing. Sabrina also offers mobile appointments, in case you’re too busy to get over to mid-city or have a day-of-event.

Full set: $175-$300; fills: $85-$150 

Star Lash Beauty Bar 

Location: Sherman Oaks

If you’re interested in a full-blown Kardashian experience, Who What Wear's associate beauty editor Courtney Higgs suggests you hit up this bougie, celeb-approved brand (which also boasts a line of luxury lash products and tools). “Not only is Star Lash founder Yris Palmer a super badass, self-made, WOC entrepreneur,” says Courtney, “but she also counts the biggest stars like Kylie Jenner, Chloe and Halle Bailey, Sophia Richie, and Teyana Taylor as clients. If she's good enough to adorn this exclusive crew, then she's obviously got the magic touch.” 

Full set: $300; fills: $120

L.A. Lash

Location: Culver City

Only the most in-the-know beauty influencers frequent this lovely, low-key lash bar located in a humble Culver City strip mall. Courtney Higgs told me about this spot saying, “I follow a blogger on Instagram who has the best, most natural-looking eyelash extensions, and she consistently calls out this salon as her last haven. My main fear when it comes to extensions is having heavy, overly ‘done’ looking lashes, so I love … visiting someone who takes a less-is-more approach.” (L.A. Lash also offers vegan and organic spray tans, as well as hands-on classes for aspiring lash artists.) 

Full set: $150-$175; fills: $50-$150


Skin Worship

Location: Beverly Hills

You’ve probably heard of this salon for its menu of buzzy holistic facials and healing treatments, but fun fact: Skin Worship secretly offers an incredible lash service, too. Book a back-to-back Cryogenic Rejuvenation Facial and lash extensions appointment with co-founder Madison (who’s been a certified lash artist for years), and you’ll leave looking so glowy and bright-eyed, people will ask if you just went on vacation. 

Full set: $190; fills: $100


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