The Best Places to Get Eyelash Extensions in L.A., According to Reviews



Eyelash extensions are among those items that instantly boost your confidence with each placement on your natural set. They're the difference between waking up/running out the door and feeling like you need to put on a few products before you leave the house—they have a way of making you feel "done." Though, let's be clear—not all lash extensions are created equal. Some women have had adverse experiences that caused them to swear off falsies for good. But if you've gone to the right place, enviable, doe-like flutters are on your horizon.

Today, we're focusing on the best places to get lash extensions in Los Angeles. Had you been unsure where to get them before this, you might have searched Yelp, which is precisely why we commissioned the help of the review site for the top-rated lash spots in La La Land. An added bonus: Many of them offer the ability to book an appointment directly through Yelp, so you can make moves toward your new set of lashes even faster. Take a look at the best spots below.

Now that you know where you're going to get your lashes done, take a look at these care instructions.