Ask a Makeup Artist: What Are the Best Eyelash Curlers?



Ever since playing "beauty shop" with my mom as a kid and accidentally clamping tightly on her lid with an eyelash curler (sorry, Mom), I've deemed the tool a no-go. Granted, I was only 6 or 7 at the time, and plenty of capable people are able to wield a curler without so much as a second thought every day, but the sight of my mom's eyelids quite literally smushed between those rubber clamps, tool hanging from her face, was etched in my brain, and I questioned whether the device was actually essential or just a hazard waiting to happen. I've found plenty of mascaras that lift my lashes as if I'd mechanically prepped them beforehand, so why incorporate the extra step, right? I felt perfectly safe without it in my vanity (or anywhere near my face).

Then recently, I met with celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin (Jessica Alba, Elisabeth Moss) who shifted my viewpoint—celebrity makeup artists always use a lash curler (or rather, have their clients use it on themselves to avoid any lid-clamping or lash-ripping moments), and so I started using one—the Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curler, to be exact—and noticed my stubby little lashes stood even taller post-mascara. Curious which other curlers are top-rated? We asked celebrity artists for their faves. (Spoiler: There were a few ties.)