Best Eyebrow Threading Services in 2022

Benefit Cosmetics is the best overall eyebrow threading service

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While you can tweeze your brows at home, nothing beats professional shaping. And while there are plenty of options to choose from, including waxing and microblading, one of the most surefire ways to get a natural look is with brow threading.

The best eyebrow threading services will leave you with more precisely shaped and defined brows than waxing can accomplish. While many salons and spas offer eyebrow threading, the technique of your technician will make a big difference in the final look of your brows, so you’ll want to be sure the establishment rigorously trains and hones the talent of its team. We’ve rounded up the best eyebrow threading services across the country—keep reading to find the one that’s right for you.

Best Eyebrow Threading Services in 2022

Best Overall: Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics

Why We Chose It: With its quirky aesthetic and cheerful technicians, Benefit makes brow grooming feel like a fun girls’ night out.


  • Convenient locations
  • Technicians are trained in a variety of techniques and how to combine them
  • Fun aesthetic


  • Pricy

Benefit’s BrowBars brings the brand’s signature playfulness to all things brows. It has standalone boutiques in cities across the country, as well as dedicated counters in select Ulta and Macy’s stores. 

The BrowBars offer an array of brow grooming services that include threading, waxing, and tinting. You can purchase your straight-up brow threading for about $28, or bundle it with a brow tint for roughly $41, a lip thread for around $38, or a brow tint and a lash tint for approximately $54. The Benefit brow techs are trained on every service, so they know how to maximize each and combine them to sculpt the arches you’ve always dreamed of.

The team will also show you how to apply the brand’s many fantastic brow cosmetics, so if you decide to purchase a brow pencil or powder, they can teach you how to use it before you leave the store so you can replicate the effect at home.

While you feel pampered during your service, the team also understands that your time is valuable, so they can be speedy without making you feel rushed—you can get groomed on your lunch break and still squeeze in lunch.

Most Convenient: Seva Beauty

Seva Beauty

Seva Beauty

Why We Chose It: Fast and efficient, Seva Beauty provides expert brow threading at an unbeatable price at locations across the country that are often hard to find brow threading expertise.  


  • Tons of locations
  • Great value
  • Offers other beauty services in addition to threading


  • Can feel a bit cheap
  • Locations are franchises so experiences will vary

With locations in more than 16 states, including Indiana, Arizona, and Colorado, Seva Beauty is a no-nonsense option for people who take a get-in, get-out approach to brow grooming. Prices vary for services depending on your locale but tend to be on the cheaper side—in Denver, for instance, a full brow thread rings in at about $9.

The trade-off for these deals is you don’t get a lot of ambiance or pampering for your cash. Many Seva franchises are located inside Walmart stores and look more like a budget salon than a cushy spa. But the techs are all experienced and well-versed in threading techniques, so what you miss in extras, you more than make up for in results.

Seva also offers additional brow services, lash extensions, facials, and makeup applications at their locations, so you can get a full glam in one appointment to maximize your visit.

Best Experience: Rescue Spa

Rescue Spa

Rescue Spa

Why We Chose It: Hair removal isn’t the most luxurious of beauty treatments, but Rescue’s gorgeous spa ambiance and trained brow experts make the experience seem like a pampering escape.


  • Beautiful ambiance
  • Pampering treatment experience


  • Pricey
  • Only in NYC and Philadelphia

Rescue Spa has a reputation as one of the most exclusive and luxurious spas in the country, with the price tags to match. However, it’s definitely worth the extra money to experience not only the spa itself but the mastery of their brow techs, who have won awards by the dozens from local and national media alike.

With its chic interiors, both of Rescue’s locations (the original in Philadelphia and the massive two-story space in NYC’s Flatiron district) are a haven for beauty lovers. It stocks some of the hardest-to-find beauty brands and offers a full array of services, ranging from facials and manicures to haircuts and cellulite treatments.

When it comes to brow threading, Rescue’s team is one of the best trained in the biz and it shows—they can sculpt and shape an eyebrow arch like nobody’s business and can combine threading, tinting, trimming, and tweezing to create a customized brow that is best suited to your facial features. 

That expertise comes at a price, however, as brow services start at about $40. That said, many satisfied customers report not only loving their immaculately crafted brows but the overall experience that Rescue provides.

Best East Coast: Shobha



Why We Chose It: Beloved by beauty editors, this award-winning brow studio gives you the experience of a posh, professional brow grooming with a highly trained expert at a cost that feels like a steal for the full-service treatment you receive. 


  • Upscale ambiance
  • Personal attention


  • Only two locations—New York City and Washington, D.C.

Starting in 2001, Shobha has consistently been one of the hottest brow spots in NYC. Founder Shobha Tummala introduced threading to the fashion crowd and quickly became the go-to expert for all things brows for the likes of Vogue, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan—even being named the “Best Brow Treatments” in America by Allure. She now has seven locations in New York, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. 

Shobha and her trained team bring that expertise to every client and offer education along with grooming, helping people understand their facial and body hair growth better in order to help them make more informed decisions about how to manage their brow grooming. The service offers a variety of options for hair removal alongside threading, including laser, sugaring, waxing, and trimming. 

Shobha ensures all of her techs keep up to date on continuing education so that they are trained in the latest techniques, but she also mixes in traditional herbal remedies that are proven to give results. The signature rosewater compress that alleviates post-threading redness is a treatment perk that clients rave about. The studios sell at-home versions to use for maintenance in between appointments.

The ambiance in the studios is chic, so even though you are going in for a less-than-glamorous service, you feel like you are getting pampered. And, at about $22, the price is right for the type of attention and detail-oriented work provided.

Best West Coast: Ziba Beauty Salon

Ziba Beauty Salon

Ziba Beauty Salon

Why We Chose It: One of the pioneers in bringing threading to the mainstream in the U.S., Ziba customizes its approach to your specific brow needs and regimen.


  • Family-owned
  • Specializes in threading


  • Only in California

Ziba Beauty Salon started back in 1988, well before many Americans even knew what threading was. Over 30 years later, the company is still family-owned and operated and now has brow studios across Southern California and in the San Francisco Bay area.

While it does offer waxing services, the focus at Ziba is on threading—it even has its own threading academy where the company teaches its patented technique to aspiring brow beautifiers. 

In addition to its OG threading credentials, what really helps the company stand out is its customized approach to brow grooming. The team at Ziba understands that not everyone is at the same point in their brow journey, so it offers specific packages for the most common types of arch support. There is a service for those who do regular brow maintenance, one for getting groomed for the first time, and another for those looking to grow out or correct their existing brow shape.

Ziba offers consultations, facial measurements, and a host of other professional tricks that are accomplished with the goal of helping you find the brow shape and size to best complement your face and eye shape. Each brow threading service is ended with an application of their signature vitamin and shea butter serum, which calms the skin and nourishes brow hairs.

Packages range in price from about $18 to $49.

Final Verdict

Brow threading is a much more precise way to shape and groom brows than waxing. At the hands of an experienced technician, you can achieve a sculpted brow that is full and defined. It’s also better for more sensitive skin types as it doesn’t involve yanking on the skin. Threading typically costs about the same as waxing, although if you are in need of specialized treatment to correct your brow shape, it can run a bit extra. While brows are definitely an individual experience, Benefit Cosmetics is your best bet for convenience, skilled technicians, and pampering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Eyebrow Threading?

A traditional method of hair removal from India and Southeast Asia, threading involves using a piece of twisted cotton thread and rolling it over top of brow hairs to pull the hair out by the root. It is a gentler form of hair removal than waxing or laser and less time-consuming than tweezing. Threading allows the technician to control the process, meaning they can get even the finest baby brow hairs and give you a very precise and well-defined shape.

How Much Does Eyebrow Threading Cost?

Prices will vary depending on the establishment and the amount of grooming needed, but for the brow studios we chose, the costs ran between roughly $9 and $49. At places like Benefit, which offers add-on treatments like brow and lash tints, the bundle prices are about $38 to $54.

Is It Better to Wax or Thread Eyebrows?

Waxing involves putting wax on the area and then quickly pulling the wax off, thus taking the hairs with it. Threading has the hair being put between two cotton threads and pulled out. Each of these procedures last about four weeks. The decision to wax or thread your eyebrows all comes down to personal preference.

What Is the Best Eyebrow Threading Service?

The research and review of experts at Byrdie of many eyebrow threading services resulted in choosing Benefits Cosmetics as the best overall pick for this process.


To select the best eyebrow threading services, we looked to those that have a stellar reputation from customers, competitive pricing, and professionally trained experts. It also needed to have multiple locations in order to serve the most people. Salons that offer education along with services also got top marks, as did those that stock their own products to help clients continue their brow maintenance at home between appointments.

According to our Diversity Pledge, 15% of products in our newly-published market roundups will feature Black-owned and/or Black-founded brands. At the time of publishing, we were not able to find any eyebrow threading services from a Black-owned and/or Black-founded business. If you know of one we should consider, please email us at and we will evaluate the product ASAP.

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