These 9 Stencils Are a Cheat Sheet for Perfectly Arched Brows

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Brows get tons of buzz, that’s undeniable. But among all the pencils and pomades and microblading and laminating techniques, there’s a much more under-the-radar arch perfecting product that deserves a little attention, too. We’re talking about brow stencils.

Brow stencils are exactly what they sound like—flexible sheets of plastic or stickers that provide an outline to help shape and groom your arches to perfection. No matter whether you’re using them as a guideline for which spots to tweeze, or simply as a roadmap for where to fill in your brows, we've rounded up the best options out there.

Read on for the best eyebrow stencils.

Our Top Picks
With five different arch styles to choose from, you'll be able to choose the look that's right for you.
This affordable stencil kit includes various arches to help shape your brows.
Featuring a non-sticky plastic design, these template stencils are a durable and affordable option.
If you're new to the process of eyebrow shaping, this kit features simple steps and tools to use.
This highly-rated kit has everything you need to get your brows in the best shape.
Best Dramatic Effect:
Le Emilie Bella Brow at Amazon
Ultra-bold brow lovers will enjoy the long-wear sculpting gel and stencils.
If there’s one thing reviewers like about this kit, it's the huge assortment of shapes.
Super easy to use, these stick-on stencils are amazing for filling in brows.
Get your money's worth with this stencil and brow powder combo.

Best Overall: Anastasia Beverly Hills Classic Stencils

Anastasia Beverly Hills Classic Stencils

Anastasia Beverly Hills is the queen of anything and everything brows, so it makes sense that the brand would offer an awesome stencil in their product line. The set comes with five unique arch shapes—petite, slim high, medium, high, and full—making it a cohesive line-up that offers something for everyone. They’re durable and easy to clean, too, so they're easy to re-use anytime you need a brow touch-up.

Best Budget: e.l.f. Eyebrow Stencil Kit

e.l.f. Cosmetics Eyebrow Stencil Kit for Perfectly Shaped Brows

In true e.l.f. fashion, the wallet-friendly price of this brow stencil kit can’t be beaten. There are four shapes with various types of arches, so it's a breeze to find one that matches the exact type of brow look you’re going for. Bonus points for the soft and flexible material, which is easy to press and mold against your browbone for impeccable results.

Best Drugstore: Ardell Brow Perfection Stencils

Ardell Brow Perfection Stencils

This brand is more often associated with a standout selection of false lashes, but they also feature some great brow products, including this stencil set. Pick from four different templates—they all come in a durable, yet non-sticky plastic that won’t lift off any other makeup when you press it against your skin.

Best for Beginners: Blinks n Brows Eyebrow Shaping Kit

Blinks n Brows Eyebrow Shaping Kit

This fan-favorite is simple and straightforward. While it only contains two different shapes, it works well to create both thick and thin brows, while the long handle is easy to hold in place (especially for beginners). Plus, it also comes with two different shades of powder and two brushes.

Best Set: Aesthetica Eyebrow Contour Kit

Aesthetica Eyebrow Contour Kit

This unassuming palette houses everything you need to score A+ arches in one convenient spot. We’re talking five different shaped stencils, six shades of blendable brow powder, a highlighting powder, a creamy concealer, a setting wax, a dual-sided brush and spoolie, and full-size tweezers. And all of that in a mirrored and compact palette. Oh, and did we mention that you also get a super helpful brow shaping guide, too?

Best Dramatic Effect: Le Emilie Bella Brow

Le Emilie Bella Brow

For those who want ultra-bold brows, this is a great option. There are five foolproof stencils, but perhaps more noteworthy is the sculpting gel that comes along with it. The six different shades are waterproof, smudge-proof, and transfer-proof—so much that it lasts up to three days. Create your dramatic arches once and you won’t have to worry about touching them again for days on end.

Best Variety: Pengxiaomei Eyebrow Grooming Stencils

Pengxiaomei Eyebrow Grooming Stencils

No matter whether you have a very particular brow shape in mind or just like to slightly tweak your brow shape every once in a while, this option is choice. There are a whopping 24 stencils in this pack, so it's pretty much guaranteed that you’ll be able to find a brow shape that best flatters your face and eyes. We’re talking everything from a thick and straight brow to a thin and highly arched shape—this set truly has it all.

Best Stickers: Fran Wilson Instant Brows

Fran Wilson Instant Brows

Stick-on stencils are ideal for those who want both hands free as they fill-in or tweeze. We’re especially partial to these stickers—which come in six shapes—because they're easy to stick on (and stay in place), as well as easy to lift-off. Also nice: There’s both a set for rounded brows as well as arched ones.

Best Value: Salon Perfect Brow Powder & Stencil Combo

Salon Perfect Brow Powder & Stencil Combo

For less than the cost of your morning latte, this pack offers everything you need for brow perfection. Namely, four stencils (all of which create natural-looking brows), two shades of a powder for filling-in and defining arches (which can also be blended), and an angled brush to perfectly apply and diffuse said powder.

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