These Stencils Are a Cheat Sheet for Perfectly-Arched Brows

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Most everyone knows the age-old beauty commandment: “Your eyebrows should look like sisters, not twins.” I first heard it when Michelle Phan, OG beauty guru, made her first eyebrow tutorial and I’ve been following this golden rule ever since. While it makes sense—nobody wants uniform brows that look like they were worked on for hours—it’s not always easy to achieve.

That’s where eyebrows stencils come in to speed everything up. These little durable sheets of plastic make it easy to shape and groom your brows by providing an easy-to-follow outline. The key is finding a form that’s closest to your natural shape, which should be easy, as many of these kits offer several outlines to choose from. From there, you simply fill in your brows with your preferred brow product.

Ready for your best brows yet? Take a look at our best eyebrow stencil recommendations below.

Best Overall: Aesthetica Eyebrow Contour Kit

This highly rated kit has everything you need to get your brows in perfect shape—from six blendable brow powders to professional tweezers to five eyebrow stencils, and more. Start by choosing a stencil closest to your natural shape and align it over your brows, then find your shade and fill it in. A huge bonus: The set also includes a cream concealer and highlighter to hide imperfections and accentuate your brow look.

Best Budget: e.l.f. Eyebrow Stencil Kit

You really can't beat the price of this brow stencil kit from our favorite budget-friendly brand, e.l.f. Cosmetics. With four natural-looking shapes, you can easily style your brows exactly the way you want, whether that's a high arch or a bushy look. Simply use the stencil as a guide on one brow and flip over and repeat with the other. Reviewers love that the stencils are soft and flexible, making it easy to mold against their browbone.

Best for Beginners: Urban Decay Brow Guide

Find your perfect shape from four brow stencils, created in partnership with LA’s top microblade artist Audrey Glass. Reviewers appreciate that the stencils adhere to your skin, allowing you to use both hands for shaping and grooming.

Best Value: BQ Hair Eyebrow Stencils Set

Choose from six eyebrows shapes, with a total of 32 stencils, for an eyebrow look you’ll love. Because the stencils are basically stickers, you can align and stick the stencil over your brows. Plus, the brow pencils and powders included in the kit make it easy to fill in any sparse areas to customize your look. Reviewers love the multitude of shapes and stickers, which can also be shared with friends and family.

Best for Thin Brows: Naicy Senna Form-A-Brow Kit

If you struggle with thinning brows or bare brows, this handy kit will help you essentially create a brow from scratch. With four stencils and a brow powder palette, reviewers find it easy to use. What one user loves the most is the ability to mix any of the three brow colors to your natural hair color. One reviewer even raves that she’s had her kit for years and only just recently repurchased another one—which she reports is the same great quality as the first.

Best for Thick Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Classic Stencils

With five styles—in petite, slim high, medium, high, and full arch—you have your pick of which look is right for you. Reviewers note that these stencils are ideal for those who have larger brows or want larger brows as they’re a tad bigger than other stencil guides.

Best Variety: Pengxiaomei Eyebrow Grooming Stencils

Do you have a specific shape in mind? Or maybe you like to change up your brow shape every once in a while. Whatever your preference, you’ll certainly find your ultimate shape with a whopping 24 stencils to choose from. If there’s one thing reviewers like about this kit is the huge assortment of shapes. Some notable benefits: The stencils are pliable yet sturdy and because there are so many, you can share with friends.

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