9 Eye Shadow Palettes for Blue Eyes, According to Byrdie Editors Who Use Them

Over the years, we've collected a lot of data on which shades of eye shadow will best flatter those of us with blue eyes. For instance, according to Tiila Abbitt, founder of Aether Beauty, to truly make cerulean-hued eyes pop, opt for gold, pink, and red tones, or at least palettes featuring the like in their overarching undertones. What's more, there's a little bit of strategy involved that's actually a tad reminiscent of art class circa the third grade.

Remember the color wheel? As celebrity makeup artists Sir John and Lijah Stewart told us, utilizing complementary colors (if you need a refresher, these sit opposite of each other on the wheel while analogous shades sit adjacent) is a guiding force when searching for the perfect shades of eye shadow for your eye color. And, mind you, this goes for every eye color—not just our blue-eyed beauties out there!

All this aside, we also just like having the freedom to kind of do whatever the heck we feel like when it comes to our preferred shades of lid pigments. After all, makeup is all about self-expression, yeah? Ahead, nine of the best eye shadow palettes for blue eyes according to the blue-eyed Byrdie editors who have them within arm's reach at all times.