I've Tried Over 100 Eye Shadow Palettes, But I Only Use These 9

My patience with powder eye shadow has hard limits. If I'm putting in the effort to whip out a set of eye shadow brushes and put together a blended, layered, multidimensional look, I don't want the palette I'm using to give me any trouble. There a few keys to a standout eye shadow palette: a well-curated array of shades that you can mix and match to create a variety of different looks, high-quality packaging, and consistent quality with every pan so you're getting 100% of your money's worth. Unfortunately, not every palette meets all these requirements.

I've tried probably 100 eye shadow palettes throughout my career as a beauty editor (currently accepting sympathy cards... just kidding), and over the years, I've singled out a select nine that rise above the rest. Want to know what eye shadow palette to buy according to a persnickety beauty editor? Just keep scrolling.