These Eye Shadow Brushes Will Make It Look Like a Celeb MUA Did Your Face Beat

Eye shadow is an art form that takes some time to master. You could be a natural at it, or you could spend hours watching YouTube videos and learning the importance of blending. Most of us fall in the latter camp, and that's completely okay because practice makes perfect. Think of eye shadow brushes like your support system, there to help you along the way. Of course, we all want to walk around with a professional glam team at all times. Don't ever stop dreaming, my friend, and in the meantime, you can do it yourself and trick everyone in believing your makeup was professionally done because it's that bomb. 

There are several different shadow brushes meant for different areas of your eye. Made to shade, define, contour, smudge, and line, the eye shadow brushes below have everything covered. Things can get a little confusing since there are so many options, but don't worry, we've outlined the best eye shadow brushes below. Consider this your starter kit, and thank us later for those stunning selfies to come.