10 of the Best Eye Pencil Sharpeners for the Perfect Point

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An eye pencil sharpener plays a vital role in your beauty routine. Not only does it keep your eye pencils in their sharpest state, but it also shaves off any old product, essentially refreshing the pencil every time you sharpen it. This can mean fewer bacteria and germs—a huge plus in our book. And because eye pencil sharpeners are already small in nature, they’re ideal for travel and keeping your pencils ready to go wherever you are.

Wondering what to look for in an eye pencil sharpener? The blade is the most important part, and you'll want one of good quality so that endless eye pencils can be sharpened. Additionally, it's helpful for it to have a cap that collects shavings, unless you only plan on sharpening over the trashcan. And lastly, if you want a sharpener that will also work for eyeshadow sticks, opt for a duo with large and small sharpeners in one.

Explore our roundup of the best eye pencil sharpeners in the biz.

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e.l.f. Cosmetics Dual-Pencil Makeup Sharpener

e.l.f. Cosmetics Dual Pencil Sharpener

This budget-friendly option offers two sharpener tools. One is a duo that can sharpen both standard size pencils and larger crayons. You also get a bonus travel sharpener that can take up little to no space in your makeup bag.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Makeup Pencil Sharpener

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sharpener

These stainless-steel blades won’t dull or rust over time. A few notable features include a removable lid and base for easy removal and an adaptor to work with various sizes.

Charlotte Tilbury Pencil Sharpener

Charlotte Tilbury Double Cube Pencil Sharpener

For the best application and the smoothest result, enlist the help of this handy cube to keep your pencils in the best shape. One reviewer has had hers for years and reports that it works just as well as it did the first day she got it.

NARS Cosmetics Pencil Sharpener

NARS Pencil Sharpener

Sleek, small, and professional-grade—this sharpener ticks all the boxes. It features a dual capability, great for pencils of all sizes, and has a tight-fitting lid to catch shavings.

Each blade is made up of durable steel and carbon, making it extra sharp and rust-resistant. Its dual-purpose serves both slim pencils as well as larger concealer pencils. You’ll also find a plastic pick included to clean up any remaining shavings.

Chantecaille Pencil Sharpener Duo

Chantecaille Pencil Sharpener

We love the chic, minimalistic look of this pencil sharpener. Keep your slim and jumbo pencils as precise as they could possibly be with the premium blades.

Morphe Sharpener

Morphe Sharpener

This sharpener will keep your pencil pointed with no breakage in sight, says many of its happy users. They also rave that it only takes a few turns to take a dull pencil to a precise point.

Clinique Lip and Eye Pencil Sharpener

Clinique Lip and Eye Pencil Sharpener

Stainless steel blades shave your pencils easily and smoothly. Your makeup pencils will be shaped into the perfect tip with every turn. Reviewers claim that it works on a variety of different brand pencils.

Shiseido Sharpener

Shiseido Sharpener

Users rave that this well-designed sharpener has a sharp blade for a perfect cut every time. It does everything from sharpening your pencils to minimizing the amount of waste. Included with the tool is a pick to help dislodge smaller shavings.

Lancôme Le Sharpener

Lancome Le Sharpener

Reviewers all agree: This sharpener is effective, compact, and works great with other Lancome products. All it takes is a few twists to get your pencils—even those with a softer formula or texture—completely refreshed and pointed.

What to Look For in an Eye Pencil Sharpener

A Carbon-Infused Steel Blade

When choosing an eye pencil sharpener, Urban Decay global makeup artist Steve Kassajikian says to choose a sharpener with a quality blade. He recommends those made from durable steel that’s been infused with 1 percent carbon, which will prevent it from rusting down the road. Not only will this extend the life of your sharpener, but it'll keep your products (and, of course, your eyes) protected against rust particles. 

A Cap to House Shavings

Sharpening an eye pencil can prove to be a messy task, which is why Kassajikian recommends sharpeners that feature a cap to catch all of your shavings and keep them from going everywhere else. This will also make for a seamless cleaning process. 

Dual Function

If you ever use eyeshadow sticks, having a sharpener that can tackle both at once will save you space and money. They're useful for those jumbo lipstick pencils, too—just be sure to clean each part well in between use, so that your red lips don't intervene with your green eye highlighters.

  • Can you use a regular pencil sharpener for makeup?

    Experts recommend not using a regular pencil sharpener to sharpen makeup, even though the two might not seem super different. Eye pencil sharpeners are designed to sharpen makeup, so they shouldn't cause damage to your products; the same can't be said for those made for a writing implement.

  • Can you sharpen plastic eyeliner pencils?

    You can sharpen any eye pencil that says that it is meant to be sharpened, even if the pencil doesn't appear to be wood. There are lots of alternative materials used in makeup, especially with the rise in eco-conscious beauty, so check the packaging and the pencil for instructions as to whether it's a twist-up or needs sharpening.

  • Why does my eyeliner keep breaking?

    Broken makeup can be an ordeal, and it's always a disappointment. You can avoid an eyeliner pencil breaking when you sharpen it by trying to turn the blade of the sharpener instead of the pencil itself. This can help prevent the pencil tip from breaking off.

  • How do you sharpen soft eyeliners?

    For softer pencils—such as kohl or gel—that are the type that need sharpening (and are not twist-up or self-sharpening), you'll want to be extra gentle when using a sharpener. Be sure to turn the sharpener rather than the pencil, and use a delicate touch.

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