The Best Under-Eye Remedies for Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles on Amazon

First, the bad news: Under-eye puffiness is oftentimes not something that can be remedied with an eye cream or serum. You might have swelling in the lower lid because of too much salt, lack of sleep, too much sun exposure, or dehydration, but in severe cases, the puffiness is actually displaced fat due to the lining of the orbital septum settling and pushing the fatty tissue outward. According to medical professionals, the only long-term way to truly address this is through invasive procedures like filler placed along the troughs of the eye to fill out the depressions that cause the bulging to appear more prominent as well as repositioning the fat throughout the area so that it's more evenly distributed. But for nature-bred puffiness, creams and gels can help to decrease the appearance of excess fluid under the eye, like those with peptides to boost collagen and antioxidants to ward off free radicals. The catch, though: According to esthetician Sandra Velandia, you should avoid using under-eye creams at night since they can cause fluid retention, especially when you're lying down for hours on end. 

Dark circles, on the other hand, are usually due to thin skin acting as a window for stagnant blood vessels that are pooling blood due to lack of sleep or hyperpigmentation. In the case of the former, you'll need something to "beef up" the skin and make it plumper, like a collagen cream or retinol. For hyperpigmentation, a lightening formula with AHAs or hydroquinone should help.

Keeping this in mind, we turned to Amazon to see which of the above formulas are working best for real women and men to decrease puffiness and minimize darkness. Their picks, below.  

Reviews have been edited and condensed for content.

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