The One Product You Should Actually Buy From the Most Expensive Skincare Brands

Having a vanity topped with La Mer, La Prairie, and Eve Lom is like having a closet full of Chanel and Givenchy—it just makes you feel damn fancy. Plus, pricier brands do tend to have the years of clinical testing and well-researched ingredients to support their breathtaking price tags. Of course, having a full stash of high-end skincare products, some of which cost upward of $200, is not realistic for everyone. So if you have expensive taste but a limited budget, which products should you buy? In other words, which formulas from the most expensive skincare brands will make your paycheck's sudden disappearance worth it?

If you talk to a dermatologist, they'll tell you that when buying expensive skincare, you want to focus on products that contain active ingredients, like anti-aging serums and masks, as opposed to staples like moisturizers and cleansers. There are some exceptions, of course (in fact, you'll find one below), but generally speaking, that is a good tip to remember. But which pricey picks specifically are worth your money? That's what we Byrdie editors are talking about today.

Keep scrolling to find the one product you should definitely buy from each of the buzziest expensive skincare brands.