Which Pricey Face Products Are Worth It? We Tell All

Take a look at any—okay, some—beauty editors’ desks, and you’ll most likely be greeted with what appears to be a beauty product landfill. Lipsticks, foundations, perfumes, and face creams lay jumbled next to (and on top of) each other vying for attention, all so tempting and glorious. We take these products home, vetting and testing them so we can recommend only the best to our readers. From these, only a select few make it into our own treasured stash, and an even smaller group prompts us to repurchase—we’re a choosy bunch, after all.

With that in mind, we’re giving you a peek into our own personal regimens by revealing the skincare gems we tried, loved, and now will gladly throw our financial goals to the wayside for. Some are to be expected (hi, Eve Lom Cleanser), while others are more… niche (boob masks—hear us out). Keep scrolling to see our picks.