The Best Essie Colors According to Byrdie Editors Who've Worn Them for Years

As beauty editors, we try our best to remain egalitarian when it comes to our product repertoire—doling out our love and admiration equally to those special colors, shades, and formulas that make our hearts skip a beat. However, there are certain situations when we want to exclusively date a product. And to be honest, it happens most often with nail polish—especially the best Essie colors we've loved and used since what feels like forever.

Not only does the beloved nail polish brand master the basics (it boasts some of the most iconic shades of light pink, red, and moody hues known to beauty lovers), but it continues to dish up mesmerizing new shades as well. Just when we thought we had an inarguable favorite, Essie goes ahead and debuts a brand-new collection that makes us second-guess everything. Therefore, we thought we'd write an ode to Essie featuring, you guessed it, the best colors Byrdie HQ plays favorites for. Keep reading for 12 of the best Essie colors we love (and pray the brand will never discontinue).